When asked what you’d like to see on Oct 20th, you had a lot to say (and we thank you so much for the amazing response you have given us to this campaign!):

Bernice from Victoria,
Yes and then what did they do. They locked all the doors on the Canada Revenue buildings ran inside and wont let us in!

Michelle currently living in Malta (but from Edmonton),
I'm currently living in Europe, but I am a Canadian Citizen. I've been keeping a close eye on the political situation in Canada the past year, and I have already cast my vote by mail in ballot in the upcoming federal election. This my be my last chance to vote in a Canadian election, as I have already been living overseas for three years, and the current law in Canada does not allow a citizen living abroad to vote if they have been out of the country for more than five years. I would like to see Canada regain its international standing as one of the good guys...the peace keepers, the example of good diplomacy, freedom, equality and tolerance. We used to be an example of good governance to the rest of the world. Now when I tell people I'm Canadian I often get asked what happened to us. We aren't the good guys anymore. I would also like to see the law that denies a Canadian citizen the right to vote when out of the country for more than five years changed. I may live abroad, but I am Canadian through and through, and I should have the right to have a say in my countries future.

Ian from Ottawa,
The "change" I want is a return to GENUINE Canadian values...genuine respect for democracy...genuine stewardship of the environment and our precious natural resources...the principles of peacekeeping...unmuzzling of our scientists. The Canada I grew up in had international respect; now….???

Belinda from Canmore,
A liberal or coalition government with the best interests of all Canadians at heart would be fine ;with a devastating defeat to the Conservative Party that is too far right wing for what Canada is truly all about; and maybe a return of the PROGRESSIVE Conservatives (kick out the REGRESSIVE/AGRESSIVE Conservative Party that poorly represents or cares about the needs and desires of average Canadians). The Conservative party MP for our riding, Blake Richards, refused to appear in Banff and Canmore, believing that he has the riding sown up and can't be bothered to debate, present himself and his party platform, or answer questions in areas of his riding where he is not as well liked. We have to ask ourselves, does he really represent us then, if he can't tolerate all points of view? Vote ABC!!

Tania from Ontario,
I want to see honest government that will only think of the people - not how to hide the wrongs they have done...

Mary from Kitchener,
end of the 'Harper government' and back to having a Canadian gov't

Andrew from Victoria,
Harper crosses an ethical line when he stirs up the people's fears of "the other" instead of welcoming new Canadians. His methods have become unsound and the people of Canada should not tolerate them any longer.

Ryan from Saskatoon,
Politicians not only accountable to laws like the rest of us lowly Canadians, with new anti-corruption/conflict of interest laws put in place. Or maybe we could just actually enforce the ones that already exist. We could force them through in an omnibus bill, in a section called the "cheezy taco bill" - you know, labelled in a totally unrelated way so that Conservatives will be able to understand the content.

The Hunters from Sudbury,
Anyone but Harper.......preferably someone who tells the truth Become peace keepers not war mongers and go back to only one type of Canadian

Johan from Sunshine Coast,
Transparent, open government- how about a cross country your with open mic opportunities to engage straight with citizens on their concerns. Open forum style with limited upfront ticketing and more a 'Daily Show' lineup day of to buy them. Televise them on .... Wait for it... CBC - remember that station on radio and TV people could watch and listen to good programming that helped define Canadian culture for the past multiple decades?

Daphne from East Gore,
Out with Harper and his lies and deception and secrecy....we need universal childcare, job creation and dollars invested in families starting with programs to help the most vunerable in our society...those without, seniors and young families

Jane from Oakville,
Stevie hates scientists, does not believe in climate change and thinks the more wealthy should get similar tax breaks as the less fortunate. He is also a guttersnipe with his personal attack ads, how sophomoric of him

Kurc from Vancouver,
It's no surprise that ol' Stevil's modus operandi is fear based. Fear the bogeyman terrorist, the unknown intent of the veiled Muslim female, the next door neighbours - once his dial-a-demon hotline is installed, but especially fear the country in the hands of - dare I say the word - a Liberal leadership. I'm shakin' in me boots, here. Not because of the spectre of ABC running the country. No, the greatest fear is we get more of hang 'em high Harper, where no legislation or Supreme Court Justice, even, is capable of keeping that dead-eyed-dunderhead in check. Fear? As Franklin Roosevelt said, "There's nothing to fear except fear itself.." Or in Stevil's words as he headed for the closet- "outta my way boys, it's every mohair for hisself."

Jeff from Dartmouth,
Do not accept the TPP bogus trade deal.

Bucky from Ottawa,
Cracking-up the Capital Comedy Festival wants more laughs and Ottawa to longer be "The Town that Fun Forgot”

Jim from Newmarket,
Take the muzzle off of scientists and let them report their findings regardless of whether they align to the current government's policy or not.

Pete from Montreal,
It would be great to have someone with a brain and charisma running the show. I'd normally say NDP but I'm afraid they are lacking in the charisma department...so let the new kid in red try it out for 4 years and see how that works!

Paul from Windsor,
Fewer cardigans, and a PM who recognizes people as living, breathing human beings that matter.

Peter from Toronto,
The politics of fear, and the practice of pitting Canadians against each other should be banned. The parties should state what their platform is, and the voters should base their decision on that alone. No U.S, style politics. There should also be transparency regarding money being donated to a political party.

Matt in Dawon City,
Why can Harper sell $15B in tanks to Saudi Arabia, a known human rights abuser, but can't sell trains to Iran, or planes to Russia? Why weapons only, and only to criminals?

Suzanne from Brampton,
A new government, Harperless

Heather from Quebec City,
Bill C-51 MUST be repealed. MUST. - Those working within the Judiciary are well aware of the ' rules of engagement' & the risks associated with the execution of this Bill. The vast imperfections of those in position's of power suggests the danger of this Bill when the X factor is included ; is potentially devastating to many, many lives & their families. This Bill is a ' pandora's box' - that will most certainly change this Country and change our Souls & it is beyond unacceptable in a democratic society. - beyond…….

Louis from Pelee Island,
I would like to see the new Prime Minister to be a good leader - a leader who accepts responsibility for his/her decisions; a leader who will inspire Canadians to be better; a leader who will lead by example and be a good example; a leader with empathy, integrity and intelligence; a leader who will show respect to all people; a leader who will work to protect our environment, work to protect our public institutions especially CBC TV & Radio, Telefilm and the National Film Board, work to protect our health care. This would be a good start...

Kathi from Prince George,
Harper in a straight jacket, being escorted from 24 Sussex Drive by niqab-wearing psych workers to a rubber-panelled van, as he giggles maniacally and mumbles devious bills he had plotted. A large gathering of relieved scientists, refugees, and weary Canadians lining the path and slow clapping.

Cindy from Castlegar,
I'd like to see Marg be appointed as Minister of Justice for all the smiting that will need to take place once the 10 years of Tory cover ups are exposed under a new government. I'd like to see a government that respects the land, the natural environment and the people (not just old stock) working in our interests instead of the greed of big business. I'd like to see CBC get refunded and our wonderful comedians have a free hand in developing the shows that bring us together and expose corruption (I guess Mary Walsh would have to be in charge) and I'd like to make sure as a postal worker, I would be able to deliver your fan mail right to your door.

Lisa from Ontario,
I would like more attention paid to how environment and economy are one and the same, and please change that Fair Elections act so that we can have fair elections!

Lorne from Nanaimo,
How about a government committed to bringing back the Canada I grew up with;not this pale imitation of America Harper seems to like so much...He seems to think that he was elected to somehow dismantle democracy in this country.

Tom from Calgary,
From the Conservative Capital of Canada I would like to see Stevevil Not win his own seat..lol

Brenda from Massey,
vote out Harper

Steve from Calgary,
Not Harper

Kym from Victoria,
I'd like to see the following change in Ottawa: Canada begin use of a livable basic income guarantee and help end unnecessary suffering and end poverty, build social housing for all including on reserves, Begin the healing necessary to work with first nations and each other to bring health back to this beautiful land.

Dorothy from Winnipeg,
Honesty, integrity and transparency. That would be a nice start. Then something that benefits the working and middle classes, like day care, support for scientific work, and restoration of the long-form census and long-gun registry. And get Canada's name off the TPP too. Fair elections would be nice too.

Kris from Winnipeg,
Representative govt. Start the process to end our out dated first past the post election system. Bring back financial support to parties based on their counted votes across tidings. Put an end to US style campaigning and esp. To defrauding the electorate as with Robocalls. Encourage rather than discourage voting by restoring EC educational programs, vouching, simpler identification requirements, and the like. Repeal bill C 51. Protection of waters. An end to muzzling scientists, civil servants, an end to outrageous omnibus bills. A PM who comes to Question Period and answers questions. Funding to support equality and security of women, the elderly, aboriginal people's. An end to trashing research facilities, libraries, archives. Stop tar sands production, start innovations toward clean, green, sustainable energies and economics, realize that climate change awareness and habitat protection are key to survivable future for our children and theirs. Bring back door to door delivery by Canada post at least two days per week, support independent Canadian broadcasting, -restore the cbc, support the nfb, fund the Arts for a better informed and conscious Canada. Take guidance from the. Council of Canadians, environmental groups, human rights organizations. An end to fear mongering, involvement in the arms trade, bigoted policies toward newcomers and refugees.An end to overly complicated taxation to that helps the wealthy and the corporations, and keeps costing low income individuals and families more.support to municipalities and crumbling infrastructure, assistance for organic farm practices and for rural Canadians. Animal friendly(humane) agriculture. National childcare policies and programs National healthcare policies, assistance to provinces in ending fee for service medicine, doctors, dentists should be salaried as with teachers, librarians. Much more to suggest, but gotta run. (would have run in the election, but for iffy health at present time)

Michelle from Quesnel,
No more Harper! Bring back our funding for women's programs, look at Truth and Reconciliation and make it a REALITY that we learn in our schools. I graduated in 2006 - nowhere in any of my schooling did we cover residential schools or the horrors we brought on our aboriginal ancestors. Why? This needs to change. Our vets deserve their pensions back. Our voting system needs to change. It's time for something new, Harper belongs in the past. Let's move forward Canada!

Raven from Montreal,
more support for science and less for war

Kevin from Calgary,
It would be really nice to see Department of Fisheries and Ocean's budget used to, well, protect fisheries and oceans, rather than be used to rationalize the destruction of fisheries and oceans. I mean, just for giggles...

Linda from Quesnel,
I'd like to see a government that actually respects the voting public. Give us credit for having a brain or two. Stop dismantling our public institutions. Make post secondary education affordable, Help our vets live comfortable lives. The list is endless. You go Marg!!!

Jared from Stephenville,
Lower tax rates for single parents and lower class people. It's hard to survive on so little.

Marg from London,
A return to the empathy, intelligence, fairness and inclusivity that used to exemplify Canadian values and conduct.

Paulo from Ontario,
Harper gone. Democracy as Canadians one knew, restarted. Death to fear-mongering and pitting Canadians agaist each other. Denounce racism - just as Dr. Norman BETUNE was NOT a traitor afterall, many wearers of hijab/niqab are peace-loving, not a bit supportive of terrorism or repressiveness.. Return privacy rights. Denounce excessive secrecy. Bury Stevil's dictator style, forever. Allow scientists to tell us more. Promote the CBC. Do an "Honesty Review" of the RCMP. Honour promises to Veterans. Respect the Courts. Closely review TPP especially as regards IP rights and privacy. Promote de-radicalization... Order the RCMP and CSIS to partner with Canadians, not unfairly treat many as potential terrorists. And, post 10-10, I hope views like mine would at least be acknowledged by the PMO and Ministers. Thanks for the chance to offer my 2-cents!

Brenda from London,
Heave Steve! Praying for real change in Ottawa. Anyone but Harper and the Conservatives.

John from Toronto,
Repeal C-51, C37 etc. Help refugees. I want my Canada back.

Margaret from Hartington,
Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister.

Joan from Edmonton,
Proportional representation, elected Senate

Vicki from Winnipeg,
Allow the MPs to truly represent their constituents by being able to present in parliament their peoples' concerns and ideas and not be muzzled.

Heather from Calgary,
i spent the weekend in the federal kootenay national park. the neglect was evident everywhere. thats not my idea of Canada:cared for, and protected is my vision of canada

Kim from Halifax,
I would like more transparency in government. I would like to see the Senate 's expenses in line with civil servants across the country and scrutinized with the same vigour. I would also like government to emphasize a strong Canadian economy that focuses on production, manufacturing and agriculture in Canada for Canadians instead of importing from and selling off our resources to China.

Annie from Vancouver,
Focus on alternative energy sources and environmental issues

Terry from Edmonton,
Humanity. Humility. Honesty. HHH, not KKK.

Kathleen from Victoria,
I would like to see a government which cares more about the environment. Also, I think it's disgusting that we're not helping the Syrian refugees more. This is a big wealthy country. Share ! I'm hoping for change in Ottawa.

Heather from St. Catharine’s,
I would like to see the MP's working together with a variety of opinions discussed and considered. Not looking key it has been under the omnipotent Mr Harper who feels that all his members and opposition should follow him with out question only blind obedience. I am very tired of the fear mongering, cover ups , and secrecy.

Dorothy from Surrey,
Proportional Representation - and a return to democratic principles

Marc from Toronto,
Mindfulness and loving-kindness, please.

Carolyn from Renfrew,
unmuzzle the scientists and bring back truth and transparency to gov't ie get rid of harper

Judy from Bradner,
Stop the transportation and storage of jet fuel anywhere into the Fraser Estuary; dp not rip out the tunnel to build a bridge to facilitat the transport of LNG and thermal coal to the Surrey Fraser Docks after first moving through the Fraser Estuary, and re-instate the Federal Environmental Act to include an assessment procedure that will truly have teeth to rip some of these godawful threats to our coastline and river (s)! Don't allow the industrialization of the river...and spit in Steve Baby's eyes if his goons let you close enough with your wonderful golden sword!

Donna from Roberts Creek,
We need proportional representation and real action on climate change. I could go on but that would take more than 2 cents!

Diane from Fredericton,
All Canadians can make $18,000.00 a year tax free. Get rid of the quarterly HST rebate cheques that should help pay for it. No tax on pension cheques. That money was taken away no interest paid out then they give it back to you and tax it.

Philip from Toronto,
ABCD: Anybody but [the] Conservative Dictator! Out with the Regressive Conservative Klan.

R from Toronto,
I'd like to see a democratic, preferably a New Democrat, government in Ottawa with real electoral reform.l

Ron from Ottawa,
A new government committed to proportional representation and new laws to ensure no leader like Harper can ever be elected in Canada again.

Rhoda from Montreal,
Electoral reform, repeal of C51, major environmental reforms

Ginn from Alberta,
Bring back the census

Robert from River Bourgeois,
The greatest change to see will be the demise of the Conservative Party bringing Canada back to two "Old Canadian" parties, the Liberals and the NDP. The Conservatives are a youthful upstart masquerading as the "Old Canadian" Progressive Conservatives. Give these pretenders the boot!

Hope from Ontario,
How about a livable minimum wage, or affordable daycare, or seniors not living in poverty, and of course all of the environment issues and reclaiming our international reputation as peace keepers? Real issues for real tax-paying citizens. Do Canadians not realize that Mr. Harper is the one terrorizing this country with his fear mongering? Wake up my friends...vote and make a REAL difference.

Linda from Bathurst,
One huge change.... a Harperless Ottawa!!

Mandy from Canmore,
Get rid of the first past the post so we can have truly proportional representation in future elections. Drastically reduce the size & power of the PMO office. Follow Elizabeth May's lead to bring civility and honour back to Question Period. And above all the end of the Crime Minister's reign of evil power, ignorance, hate, and greed!

Dawn from Halifax,
a new government that will aid refugees unlike our current one who seems to be fear mongers.

Brendan from Montreal,
I will show up at Stephen Harper's going away party, and I will bring the champagne. Our economy is in ruins, looking for job creation, stimulating the economy, and for renewable energy development. Reduce green house gases

Andre from Eganville,
On Oct 19th Lets Heave Steve, ABC People Go VOTE Go!!

Frederick from Guelph,
brutal Cultural Practices: We must stop Tattoos of American cartoon characters from being exposed in public and the workplace, visible piercings anywhere that promote the recall of monkey bars - triggering an urge to swing like a chimpanzee, T shirts too small so as to expose overhanging hairy bellies and belly buttons ( men or women), walking dogs that resemble anything created by a toy manufacturer, parking your precious car diagonally across two parking spaces, taking the shopping cart home with you only to display it as a lawn ornament. Just a few.

Jason from Paradise,
Accountability. If someone working for the government lies, cheats or steels, they should be held accountable, just like the rest of the Canadian public in their jobs!!

Etienne from Toronto,
An end to first past the post.

Cliff from Ladner,
no Stevie, & no Kerry-Lynne Findlay (our local MP)

Susan from Vancouver,
If you haven't seen this new protest song (Oct. 5 or so), you need to look at it.

Paulo from Toronto,
I want to see Harper crying and the environment be on the agenda for once.

Rosalind from Vancouver,
I would like a more evidence-based, open form of government that does not have the Conservatives as the majority party. Stephen Harper is abusing his political office with fear mongering and suppression of data (eliminating the long form census).

Annette from Toronto,
No conservatives...and an honest politician!

Theresa from Edmonton,
More humour! (Marg, we thought you'd never arrive…!)

Mirko from London,
Out Harper's dictatorship and new Canadian Liberal government!

Kathi from Hamilton,
I would like to see refugees welcomed to our country and also would like to see more intelligent debate in the house Ned less scripted nonsense!

Elizabeth from Uxbridge,
Stop muzzling scientists. Stop fear mongering. Stop creating America Jr.

Christina from Burnaby,
Focus on cleaning up ALL immigration backlogs not just refugee claims by hiring and keeping civil servants! No more focus on Muslim headdresses. It's only a small issue compared to national crises on health care, dwindling pensions, universal pharmacare, corrupt Senate and low minimum wages.

Jennifer from Guelph,
Honest, open government representative of the people of Canada.

Geoff from Vancouver,
Honesty and transparency. Reform of the gold plated pensions for MPs and Senators…

Marcy from Port George,
Less of Harper

Rose from Baden,
Change in attitude and policy in negotiating with First Nations.

Bernard from Baden,
Raise corporate taxes and restore CBC funding

Jain from Victoria,
I would love to see a coalition government with the New Democrats and the Liberals working together. I would like to see Justin Trudeau be PM. Let us change our image again--we can never go back but moving forward to become peacekeepers and genuine compassionate, intelligent humans--who do not worry about differences but celebrate them instead.

Theresa from Coquitlam,
I would like to know why we were the only nation that felt it was nessecery to get rid of the penny and what they are actually scamming with it.

Barney currently living in Los Angeles,
A Liberal Government!

Ken from Alberta,
Pack up Harper and get him outta there!

Brenda from Delhi,
Dump the Senate. No pensions for MP's until age 67 based on contributions.

Allan from Regina,
I doubt that Marg would be crazy enough to run for Prime Minister, but she could promote someone she believes is worthy, and I would vote for that person!

Gabrielle from Vancouver,
We were the peacekeepers We opened doors for other people We were the nice ones We have the resources We have the education We have space and water and clean air and abundant food We are proud to be Canadian We are a good nation We are honest, hard working and generous We are responsible citizens of this planet We care about the environment We care about the disenfranchised, the marginalized, the sick and the old Let us get back to who we are Let us move forward to who we are Imagine Oct.20th When the world may just be a better place to live Vote

Neena from Ottawa,
Get rid of bills c51 and c24. I am more scared of those billsand what they do to our democracy than I am of a terrorist attack. Our country is giving too much up for fear.

Pammie from Halifax,
Elizabeth May working with the others to bring a country back to sanity and the values we believe in, like a green economy, collaboration, peace and diversity.

Janna from Ottawa,
A government that respects science rather than muzzling scientists and misrepresenting their work.

Al from BC,
A return to the vision of Canada as a world leader in environmental stewardship and that of a peace keeping nation

Kathi in Prince George,
Transparency in govt!!!! So sick of the lies and denials and smug smile.

Karen from Calgary,
Harper gone forever and cancel TPP

Andrea from Ontario,
A fair and democratic government that responds to the needs of the people that support it.

Arun from Ontario,
Unmuzzling of scientists, stopping the destruction of libraries, stopping the cuts to the CBC, attention to climate change, for starters.

Allan from Jaffray,
Stevil, indeed! I hope never again to hear him telling us what "Canadians want", with his totally own bent on that. Cons, 'bye bye! (Go Marg! Love you!)

Doug from Greenwood,
We've become a nation that sells out its environment, its independence, and its very people in the name of fear and greed. Canada needs to be like the song says: "TRUE NORTH STRONG AND FREE". An environmental champion, respected throughout the world, and a positive force for change.

scrap the senate!

Maggie from Solway,
You are a savior, of Harper and Canada!

David from Toronto,
vote any party but conservative

John from Guelph,
A government not ruled by a tyrant like Harper and. His merry gang of racists.

Michelle currently living in Bristol, UK,
What wouldn't I like to see change in Ottawa post-Oct 19?? Primarily, however, I would like to see Bill C-24 and the so-called "Fair Elections Act" repealed. I don't even have dual citizenship but I'm a "second-class" citizen thanks to Harper. You're right Marg - the "Crime Minister" must GO!!

More love and understanding and less hate and fear from our so called national leaders.

Liz from Calgary,
Restore Canada. Vote out Stevo!

Megan from Alberta,
I'd really like to see a government that reflects genuine concern, respect, and responsibility for the people it governs, the same people that rely entirely on that group of very privileged leaders who have taken the task of making decisions on their behalf. I'd like to see a government that understands that their sole purpose is to make decisions for the benefit and good of the whole people, which is comprised entirely of valuable and respectable individuals - with common desires, rights, and needs and who each deserve recognition and appreciation no matter what conditions they may be living in. I'd like to see a government that is intelligent but also sincere about its approach to policy making and genuinely recognizes the importance of every person affected by its decisions. I'd like my government to see how dependent it is on me, a citizen, and on every other citizen, for its role, its power, and its purpose.

Blade from Lethbridge,
Anything but conservative!

Catherine from Port Alberni,
I would really like to see Canada with a Prime Minister who really does care about Canada by working with his/her heart.

Shelley from Oliver,
I want to be able to vote for someone that can actually do something for this country not just lip service

Paula from Regina,
Education & Environment focus

James from Lynn Lake,
I would like to see change to an electoral system that gives 1 seat for 1M votes (Green) and enough seats to form HM's Loyal Opposition for 1.4M votes like the Bloc once did.

P from Essex,
The biggest and best change would be to See Harper out. This is the first time that I have attended a political rally and volunteered for a candidate (NPP). I stood in line for almost an hour to vote in the advance poll with a man and his wife in front of me telling me that I was not a Christian if I didn't vote for Harper. If I didn't vote Harper it meant that I was in favour of gays (no problem) abortions and terrorists because the other government parties will allow the niqab and refugees. I am ashamed of out present government; I don't understand how he keeps buying his way out of things.

Marc from Calgary,
No more racist-practice tip-line.

Jennifer from Broad Valley,
I want to know what has happened to the murdered and missing women and could give two shits what people are wearing to be sworn in as Canadians!

Sandy from Paradise,
As well as a clean sweep of the Conservatives out of Ottawa, I'd like to see proportional representation. Marg for PM!!

Brian from Metcalfe,
I would like to see Prime Minister Justin Trudeau go quickly to the U.N. and announce to the General Assembly that Canada is Back. I bet the applause will be thunderous. Watch the Youtube video ."Canada's Ruined Reputation" at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZhfWv6Sds4 to see what the world thinks of us now.

Emily from Newfoundland,
I'd like to see a more unified Canada: no more fear mongering and threats of terrorism where it doesn't exist.

Sharon from Waterloo,
I would like to see a government that works for Canadians, not the other way round.

Lois from Fredericton,
bring back Fisheries Act Act on climate change

Pete from Sudbury,
You can do it Marg!

John from Halifax,
Restore funding to Circles of Support and Accountability (supports convicted sex offenders trying not to reoffend). Everybody knows it helps. One more thing--an American friend writes: "Where is the US "Mary Walsh?! She's desperately needed to bring serious discussions concerning our constant terror and fear mongering!”

Kate from Thunder Bay,
Allow scientists to publish research and speak to the media again without long delays and silencing.

Kim from St. Philips,
Show Harper some love, but DON'T VOTE for the frigger!

Marilyn from Burlington,
Proportional Representation!

Chad from Cambridge,
i would like to see platforms that support voting for idealism based on priority rather than vote for a person to do it.

Sarah from Vancouver,
I'd like to see us return to being compassionate, progressive and stop winning the Fossil of the Year award.

Dee Bee from Victoria,
Abolish C-51 !!

Kim from Ontario,
A new prime minister would be nice!

Jacqueline from Orleans,
I like the way you think Marg! Anything would be better than another bout of Stephen....any change would be good.

Valerie from Stratford,
Vision, integrity and collaboration. Bring back rational discussions and debates to find effective solutions. We have the resources if probably managed to address youth unemployment and underemployment, health care, guarantee income, fund innovation, and in general undo the harm Harper's done.

Susan from Victoria,
Compassionate and speedy response to the refugee crisis in Europe, disarm ISIS with generosity and compassion, reinstate scientific reasoning in shaping policy decision making, strengthen the CBC

Susan from Moncton,
Steve on holiday.. Permanently

Ed from Ottawa,
I would like to see those who are pandering to racism, bigotry, contempt for Parliament and the Charter, and decision-based evidence-making in our nation's capital, sent off to political perdition forever, to be replaced by the values of inclusiveness and tolerance, respect for Parliament and our Charter, and evidence-based decision-making that once were the hallmark of our great country, and that I hope will return and be our hallmark once more.

Mary from Souris,
I'd like to see more transparency in government, and the Canadian voters being involved more in the decision process when it comes to constitutional changes and an ELECTED senate.

Valerie from Manitoba,
I would like to see a Prime Minister that does not have his head up his butt, and recognizes the risk to all of humanity of the environmental impact we are causing in the world, and proposes REAL CHANGE!

Dennis living in Shanghai,
More democracy, less Harper..

Tracey from Ottawa,
Election Reform - let's get rid of Harper and "First Past The Post" let the majority win!

Danny from Saint-Lazare,
I think Harper's government is about as transparent as the Senate's expenses!

Thomas from Victoria,
No more Steve and lots more of Greens

Rejean from Cape Breton,
get rid of Harper

Julie currently living in Belize,
Give back to the middle class, no more mortgage penalties, no more capital gains, cannabis instead of opiate, bring back fair voting.

Lisa in Woodstock,
an proper investigation into murdered and missing aboriginal women and children

Angie from Brampton,
I want all the damage to the environment reversed

Aube from Montreal,
Strip Harper of his canadian citizenship and let him spend a long holiday in one of his fancy jail!

Nancy from Windsor,
Democracy would be a refreshing change.

Anne-Marie in Nanaimo,
Inquiry for the missing and murdered Aboriginal women

Carl from Winnipeg,
Proportional representation. Land reform, restore First Nations economic land base. ie: "crown" land = indigenous land

Robin from Issaquah,
The ability to vote in federal elections, even though we've lived abroad for more than 5 years.

Carol from Waterloo,
A change in the attitude towards citizens. We are among the most highly educated but are treated like morons who only need to pay their taxes and be protected by big brother. Oh, brother.

Dayanna from Win Law,

Vicki from Toronto,
1) Return of the long-form census to inform credible policy-making 2) Marg for PM 3) Greater respect for science and innovation in general, including freedom to publish 4) Renewed emphasis on making our society inclusive and respectful -- we'll never eliminate all of our differences, so let's celebrate them instead

David from Vancouver,
Put stronger environmental protections on all lakes and waterways.

Judy from Mantic,
Some one else sitting in Pierre Poilievre's seat.

Lea from Calgary,
The Spirit of Rotation - in the Prime Minister's Office and at 24 Sussex - and a few more "Green MPs”

Lindsay from New Hamburg,
return to the Canada the world use to know and love and be proud when I travel because people know we are open

L from Ottawa,
The Conservatives reduced to 3rd part status - could we hope they only retain 2-3 seats in Parliament? I would like to see no more omnibus bills, secrecy, fear mongering, divisiveness, scare tactics, policy based on ideology and not on evidence.... I could go on……

Eric from Edmonton,
I don't know how to undo the deeds of Harper, but I would start by abandoning the efforts of Bill C-51, and immediately follow up with checking the coffers to ensure the slimy half-wit didn't erect a pipeline from the gov't funds to his pocket. Edmonton is the only city in Canada where we still spray Durspan (likely because it's close enough to the tarsands that there is no point in health concerns) but I feel that Canadians (and their voter apathy) are the only ones who would willingly have him in office (TWICE!).

Bill from Coquitlam,
I'd like to see the Cons wiped off the political map

Colleen from Fenelon Falls,
I would like to be proud of Canada's environmental policies, instead of flinching in embarrassment, like I do now.

Annie from Toronto,
Moose and other Canadians free to roam the halls of the parliament buildings once again!

Mark from Toronto,

Chris from Newmarket,
Properly find the CBC. And if the crime minister returns to Ottawa, a pledge to end this disgusting racist politics.

Sherry from Collingwood,
I'd like to see honesty, more peace keeping, less fear mongering, less racist attitude by government and more concern for our environment.

Sally from Vancouver,
Leadership on the issue of climate change

Leigh from Ottawa,
I'd like to elect a PM who will act as Prime Minister for all Canadians.

Margaret from Mission,
I would like for the Federal Government to make a straight across the board tax for every person of 15% and end all loopholes, tax credits etc. as well as the child tax credit. All recreation for all children from birth to 18 years should be free. all pools, all sports, and dance and art and music. this would even the field for everyone and give opportunities to play and participate to every child. also...the greedy landlords need to be reigned in. a person who's net income is less than $1900 a month can not find a safe place to live and still have food. rent needs to go down so wages don't have to go up, which in the long run doesn't help anyone but the wealthy landlords. mental health care needs to be a priority. I believe that if mental health was a priority, we would have less homelessness, less drug/alcohol crutches, less crime, the entire education system needs to be overhAiled to address to over crowding and a curriculum that reflects real life skills as well as the truth in our country's history, All teachers need to be assessed yearly by independent inspectors to evaluate abilities and the same needs doing with all doctors, nurses, technicians, Doctors need to be forced to spend a minimum of five years as a family physician before working or studying further in a specialty. I want to continue but think I have a good start here...thanks Marg you brave and beUtiful woman from another beauty carry a sword for dear Stevie!

Brian living in southern gulf,
More truth and transparency

Nancy from Lunenburg,
A change in government without Harper. Major changes to C-51. More for climate change & environment, injection of funds for infrastructure, health care, seniors, vets, middle class, employment, indigenous issues.

Jonathan from Toronto,
Reform the electoral process! Something is wrong when a party with often less than 39% of the popular vote can form a majority government and sell of our country without the other 61%'s approval.

Mark from Winnipeg,
Ok, it's boring, but I think a lot of Canadian will actually find it incredibly exciting at the next election: electoral reform. Let's make this the last election that is won by first-past-the-post voting and lets get proportional representation working in this country. If anyone can do it Gawd knows you can Marg. You just have to slay those Conservatives with your sword. It would be a holy war dear, and we would all bless you for it.

Maria from Waterloo,
I'd like Elizabeth May as PM; but really, anyone but Harper would do.

Carolyn from Okanagyn,
Democratic process

Myroslaw from Waterloo,
reasonable, truthful and truly Canadian leadership

Steven from Toronto,
Canada 2002.

O from Vancouver,
I would like to see funding re-instated to women's organizations the were de-funded during the Conservative regime.

Amy from Montreal,
Real change in fixing Canada's relationship with First Nations.

Lynne from Vancouver,
No more harper and the cons. The list of hatred policies and the thousand cuts is destroying my country! Give harper a rest and let him spend more time with his family!

Y from Toronto,
More funding to Canada Council for the Arts, Canadian TV & Film Production, Performing Arts, Canadian Culture.

Doug from De Winton,
No more election fraud or vote suppression would be a great change.

Bhakti from Vancouver,
Tom Mulcair Prime Minister

Sarah from Ottawa,
I would like to see more women like Marge in Ottawa keeping Canada free and hilarious. We need a Marge Delahunty School of Leadership and we need it now. Plus all the other great stuff we miss about our country.

Thomas from Ottawa,
Drug policy reform based on reason and research.

Anne from New Brunswick,
A coalition of willing and interested parties meeting together, politicians and the people, virtually and/or in person, to address how to redress the wrongs wrought on Canada, her people, and her image over the last decade. Bring back the Canada that celebrates and protects her diverse environment and cultures across the nation and around the world. Bring back hope and peace, not at the cost of prosperity, but as the foundation for truly meaningful prosperity for all.

Peter from Calgary,
Harper sitting as a back bencher on the opposition side of the House. Seriously, democratic reform!

Harlan from Regina,
Substantial penalties for election fraud and exceeding campaign finance limits. I think they are doing it again…

Susan from Mississauga,
to have benefits restored to our Veterans because unlike mr harper THIS Canadian believes we do have an obligation to take care of them!!!!

Beverley from Portage la Prairie,
Stop making us into Americans. Also, let science speak for itself, regardless of politics

Lynn from Montreal,
Get serious about climate change!

Adam from Whitby,
Just no Harper, please. Please please pleeeaase. He does NOT represent the future.

Betty-Anne from Comox,
Tackle and rid Canada of poverty - children, aged, and people with disabilities huge percentage living under the poverty line. Shame on us.

Linda from Alberta,
Returning the protected status of lakes and rivers in Canada.

Jordan from Oshawa,
At this point absolutely ANY change would be good change! Out with Harper!

Shannon from Northern Ontario,
Id like to feel like Canada was back on the road to being Canada and begin to undo the damage Steve has done.

Leona from St. Catharine’s,
Much more compassion, much less fear (and greed)

Debbie from Waverley,
Anyone but Steven Harper!

Doug from London,
Get rid of C-51. We need our lakes, rivers etc protected!

Arliss from Yorkton,
A Liberal Government that will restore this country with compassion and courtesy to all...and not denigrate citizens of Canada who may have come from different parts of the world. This, at the moment is not my Canada, nor the Canada of my parents, grand-parents and great-grandparents. They, if still with us, would be totally shocked and distressed over the mean spiritedness and dictatorial bullying of the current prime minister

Olga from Ottawa,
Where to start? The ENVIRONMENT! Scientists reinstated, CBC, Stop the TPP. Real investigation into Mike DuFFy and prosecute! Aboriginal women. Housing and water for reserves. Homelessness. Women's Rights. Election fraud et al. etc etc etc

Daniela from Oakville,
No more conservatives!! A coalition of NDP and Liberals would be great!

Lo from Oakville,
Harper GONE!

Benjamin from Hull,
Hopefully buh bye Steve. Two thoughts... ISIS didn't declare war on us outright until we declared war on them. No new taxes? Hmm, seems to me having to work until I'm 67 to get my pension is a 4-5% tax given that most people work at least 40 years of their life. Oh and I love you :-)

Ilze from Toronto,
No more concentration of power in PMO; cancellation of Bills l-C14, 51; a PM and Cabinet as well as Caucus members answering questions from the press; respectful debate in Parliament; restoration of long-form Census; introduction of ranked ballot; non-partisan Senate.

Charlie from Medicine Hat,
Cages to escort our illustrious overlord and his closest toadying minions to new accommodations. I'm sure it can be an experiment our newly in-gagged nation's scientists won't mind reporting on a freshly funded CBC.

Leslie from Victoria Mines,
Cancellation of the Mother Monstrosity Statue project proposed to be built in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park!

Jennifer from Victoria,
Thanks Marg for being the voice of reason in an unreasonable time.

Sue from Calgary,
We desperately need a new prime minister. We need a government that cares about people in need, both in Canada and refugees, the environment, and working respectfully with the United Nations.

Sue from Parksville,
no conservatives in power

David from Ottawa,
To go from the current policy-based evidence creation back to evidence-based policy creation.

Roslyn from Longueuil,
I'd like to see fairness, decency, justice, trust, and an end to fear-mongering and racism disguised as protecting us from terrorists. I'd like to be proud not just to be Canadian, but proud of our leaders. I'd like hope restored and a future of good will and welcome to all who need a home and peace.

Dan from Kitchener,
I was thinking....we should get rid of the teachers unions!! Threaten to go on strike every time ...REDICULOUS!! Expecially when there are so many qualified teachers who can't get a job!!

Jenn from Kitchener,
Honesty and fair treatment for everyone!

Melody from Toronto,
Naquib nonsense put away for good. It is entirely unCanadian to deny people their religious freedom at the very moment they join our Canadian family. So what? They can be free eventually, but not at this particular moment? It was an evil vote grab and entirely beneath us as a nation.

Susan from Kamloops,
A tolerant, respectful, democratic government, aware of the value of honest communication, who will take on social and environmental responsibilities of Canada locally and globally. Retire deceitful Stevil,

Irene in Toronto,
I would like a complete government change and have the Conservatives removed from office. Instead of a climate of fear, I would like to see a climate of hope, with a transparent leader at our helm.

Catherine from Whitehorse,
Anyone but Harper

Brad from Ottawa,
It's time for real accountability, instead of these promises of transparency and then ruling behind an iron curtain. We need new laws in place to hold the government accountable, and then we need to change the laws so that the government cannot repeal or weaken government oversight laws without approval from the voters. Also we can no longer allow a situation where a dictator is allowed in this country. No longer should the government be allowed to influence the narrative by muzzling scientists or using auditors to scare charities in line.

Marieke from Quebec,
Decision-making supported by science and notions of social justice

Blanche from Newfoundland,
To see Harper gone like the mist he won,t be missed,and nobody will cry instead jump for joy

Loretta from Fredericton,
Anyone but Stephen Harper

Gaby from Montreal,
No more air strikes. Canadians needs to return to being peace keepers. And no more nonsense about niqabs. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms needs to be respected.

Shirley from Pickering,
More open and democratic government - goodbye to dictator Harper!

Crystal from Kentville,
I want to see the government look into real human rights issues, like First Nations education and pay equity for women. How about child poverty in our country? Children are going to school with no food in their bellies! And let's make some real investments in the Atlantic Provinces!

Marie from Pownal,
The big change would be to have a party leader who would bring jobs and growth and who can bring Canada back together and stop dividing us and help the aborginial and better health care.

Krystal in Smith Fall,
Really I would be happy with any kind of change. We need something to be done. One thing could help us get on the right track.

Kyle from Saskatoon,
return to peacekeeping, not fear mongering

Shelley from Calgary,
Only 10,000 Syrian refugees? That's less than 1,000 a month. If we're such a good country then why can't we take more? MUCH MORE. If 11,000 Icelanders offered their homes to them, we could do a damn sight better than 10,000.

Lori from St. John’s,
Harper needs to go before he destroys Canada even more than he has with his "dictatorship" he wants everything geared and revolving around him, the hell with the rest of us!

Tonya from Thunder Bay,
Please please bring in electoral reform. Proportional representation. We need to end this crazy system that enables a leader with a minimum of votes to win a majority of seats.

Maureen from Yellowknife,
I would the new Government to seriously look into our aging population and how they are going to deal with the issues and health needs of that generation who have paid their dues and need to know they will have a quality of life in their last years.

Laurel from Iqaluit,
Out with the Conservatives; in with the NDP

Linda from Kamloops,
I'd like to see taxes collected from taxpayers being used for everyone's benefit - NOT to increase politicians' wealth, NOT to bail out banks, oil companies and NOT to be delivered offshore as profits from our resources. We can refine our own oil, mill our own trees, mine our own land with Canadian employees, keeping profits in Canada.

Cathy from Revelstoke,
Rock on Marg!

Stacey from Porquis Junction,
The fact that terrorism and the niqab (a garment that frankly, mirrors my snowsuit all winter) seem to be the biggest topics of debate while minimizing their failures. Aboriginal People - The issues of both murdered and missing Aboriginal Women as well as many other rights of Aboriginal people still have yet to be dealt with. In the first case indicating that the women should simply get jobs and stay on reserve is a band-aid, violence can happen anywhere and regardless of a woman's standing, they can be a victim. Indicating they have pushed this model, one that appears to be useless. There is proof time and time again that the number of women is high, something I feel is more significant than terrorism threats. Maybe looking at the bigger issues facing Aboriginal people and the ways they still need to be repaired should be more significant.

Amanda from Pitts Meadows,
I'd love to see Bill C-51 abolished, investigations into the missing and murdered indigeneous women, help for immigrants, more funding for the public school sector, subsidies for childcare, oh man.. my list goes on and on... bottom line - I want to see anyone but Harper as PM.

Joanne from Fredericton,
Harper GONE !!! Greens with the swing vote to have power to make sound decisions based upon thoughtful process.

Judi from Liverpool,
I would like to see more money being spent on health care & PLEASE do not make the indigenous women of this country that are missing a part of this campaign. Keep this out of the election.Any candidate that does this will not get my vote.You go Marge !

Gemma from Southwest Ontario,
I'd like to see Bill C-24 rescinded, so us naturalised Canadians can stop being second class citizens.

Elaine from Toronto,
Aboriginal Rights

Sam from Port Alberni,

Linda from Calgary,
A new government that respects our tradition of pluralistic democracy.

Heather from Maple Ridge,

Rachelle from UK,
I'd like to see a change to voting legislation and overturning the residency ruling against Canadians abroad being unable to vote after 5 years. In an era where information is more accessible than ever and where Canadians abroad continue to maintain tiies to Canada (e.g. through taxation but yet claim significantly less in benefits), the rationale behind this ruling is poor and lacks evidence regardings Canadians' abroad national attachment. Canadians should have the right to vote (as per section 3 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms).

Nicola from Slave Lake,
Let my Canadian daughter doing research in the UK continue to vote.

Tony from Victoria,
A ripping up of the TPP, a repeal of Bill C51 and C377, a national day care program, proportional representation and Stephen Harper relegated to the sidelines.

Tammy from Leamington,
More help for our veterans, student tuition, and people with disabilities.

Miriam from Toronto,
Electoral reform!

B from Eagle Creek,
People who follow the rules and people with compassion! NDP forever!

James from Burlington,
I would like a government that promotes Canadian values of Peace, Diversity, and Pristine Environment.

Ian from New Brunswick,
A PM who wants and endorses an actual environmental assessment process for industry activity. Give us back our environment!

Ron from Ottawa,
It would be unbelievable to see a Parliament that sits and actually recognizes the value of listening and incorporating ideas for a better Canada from whatever political ideology puts it forward, to get past the party system that promotes the party over and above the citizens. How can we do this, first by spending money to educate and remind people that we elect at the riding level people that actually are supposed to represent us. Second by reminding all that the opposition is officially called "Her majesties LOYAL opposition" and that their job is to improve government legislation. This Parliament should allow a lot of free votes and full debates on proposed legislation and vote with their hearts on what is best for the country. There is a lot more serious changes that should be made, ie remove partisanship from the senate, respect the will of Parliament, provide information to the oversight offices such as the Parliamentary Budget Officer and the Auditor General, Respect the Supreme Court, etc. Tthis could be a very long list but people will get bored reading it after a while and the impact will be deminished so will conclude.

Stephanie from Kootenays,
I'd like to see the rules of Parliament acknowledged and followed for a change!

Jeanne from Montreal,
Soooo sorry Marge, I don't want any changes in Ottawa.

Jen from Abbotsford,
I want to see a serious approach to protecting the environment through economic policies and a voice at the climate summit in December that shows leadership.

J from Madeira Park,
Peace, prosperity and GOOD government!

Ingrid from Clarington,
I would like to see a government that serves ordinary Canadians not just corporate interests. Let's focus on the environment, let's be compassionate and help refugees, let's go back to being inclusive and not divisive.

Tom from Lethbridge,
Election reform!

Justen from Wainfleet,
Cooperation between Liberals and New Democrats for the common good

Christine from Edmonton,
Stevie has GOT to go this election! The NDP are the only ones who have consistently voted against his agenda and they will get my vote.

Sharon from Bridgewater,
Complete decimation of the Conservative party; removal of the smug Liberals (95% of them); spank the leaders; and treat the arrogant, snotty lying prime minister and the Trudeau-wannabe, entitled and self-worshiping child like we would any other turds - F(lush) THEM!!!

Suzan from Calgary,
Harper out, Trudeau in. Honest and open government

Tara from Lively,
Agreed...Stephen needs a break from us, and we need a break from him. Looking forward to less shameless reading of talking points, and more actual answers. Go, Marg!

Mark from Timmons,
I would love to see the end of partisan politics and the ability of MP's to vote their conscience free of fear from party discipline.

Jennifer from Toronto,
A government that respects the Canadian people - all of them!

Heather from Ottawa,
Marg for PM

Taryn from Saskatoon,
I'd like to see an approach to issues that recognizes that health - environmental, social, mental, and physical - requires a coordinated approach that places the well-being of humans and the earth about "the economy". In other words, I'd like a government that isn't trying to actually kill us.

Lisa from Etobicoke,
More love and kindness!!! I want fair treatment of every individual, regardless of whether they're rich or not, Canada-born or immigrant, white or brown, ugly or covered by a niqab.

Gord from Waterloo,
I want to see less corruption. I also want First-Past-the-Post elections taken out back and shot.

Scott from Vancouver,
Our Canada as we once knew it

Paul from Sudbury,
get rid of bill C-51 Stop TPP Do something for missing and murdered indigenous women issue Support unions, stop attacking them

Dave from Ilderton,

Shanon from Canada,
I'd love to see Anyone But Harper in Ottawa on Oct 20. I hope you drive in there in a dumptruck to deliver our change Marg! :)

Anne from Toronto,
Please Marg, I do hope you're successful and I personally will do my part to give old Steve the heave.

Theresa from Saskatoon,
A nonConservative government please. And would it be too much to ask for less secrecy?

Natalie from Halifax,
Please, our Canada can't survive another 4 years of Harper. Bring Canada back.

Judith from Toronto,
An inquiry regarding the missing and murdered first nation women.

Karen from Banff,
I would like to see democracy restored. A speaker that controls the house and demands questions be answered in a manner that indicates the person addressed actually has enough intelligence to give an answer that speaks to the questions. If they don't answer the question, they should be fined( a percentage of their income perhaps). I bet a lot more questions would get straight forward answers. I would also like to see omnibus bills outlawed.

Cheryl from Halifax,
Immigration - open the country - we have the room, if we welcome newcomers, and help them, they'll repay it 7 fold and we will be the winners in the long run!

Emily from Hamilton,
provide Canadians with the necessary infrastructure to work at a decent wage and build our economy...stop viewing people in their 60s as old! and make the rich pay more than the poor and the middle class!

Jo Anne from Prescott,
I would like to see the young people engaged in deciding what's going to happen in this country. They are our future.

Carol from Kitchener,
reinstate Health Accord, reinstate health funding, un-muzzle scientists, inquiry in to missing Aboriginal women, protect waterways, rescind Bill C-51, etc

Debbie from Toronto,
Anyone but Harper Cons

Jean from Toronto,
my greatest wish is to see a whole bunch of Green Party MPs replace ALL of the Harper Conservative ones! (second option: any other political party members replacing the entire lot of PC MPs) ..and it would be especially fantastic if Stephen Harper gets bumped out of parliament and most crucially from his position of power! and in his place i'd love to have Elizabeth May lead Canada as Prime Minister! next i'd like to see the current voting system scrapped for one that makes every vote count EQUALLY followed by incredibly positive cooperation amongst the members of parliament!

Mary from Madoc,
Nice polite non racist Canada again

Dan from Barrie,
Let's allow all companies to help charities - allow donation of SERVICES become tax deductible! Thanks Marg

Bernard from Montreal,
Decentralize power out of the PMO, restore democratic functioning, rule of law and constitutionality, massively refund CBC/Radio Canada!!

Dan from Comox,
MMPR is what I want and some action on Climate Change.

Jim from Airdrie,
Well first off, good on you Marg for having a load of common sense yourself in promoting the ABC movement. I'm so sick of the fear mongering by Harper and his lackeys, I could just puke. Even at the local level my Tory MP is having his crack at it too. I think you should have a bunch of Muslim immigrants and Canadians help you deliver the much needed "cents" to Harper as you're sure to have quite a load very soon. If you need a hand, let me know and I'll meet you there if it lines up with my days off, as well. Hell, why not ask Mulcair, Trudeau and May to help with the load too, eh? What changes do I want to see in Ottawa after the election? I'd like most of all to see changes to our electoral system, by making the senate elected through a proportional representation type system or whatever the consensus will be. I'm a progressive voter trapped in an ultra right wing city here in Alberta... HELP!

Christopher from Vancouver,
I want our electoral system to be based on proportional representation.

Julia from Port Coquitlam,
I want the ridiculous fear and hatred encouraged by Harper and his cronies to clear out in place of common sense and our former reputation as peacekeepers. I want us to reach out to the Syrian refugees, take care of our Veterans and aged, and, overall...give hope to our youth.

Susan from Port Moody,
Environmental laws need improvement .... No more pipelines

Wilhelmina from Hamilton,
I would love to see the NDP party in charge as they represent the large percentage of low wage workers like myself.

John from North Vancouver,
The Peace Tower getting a good scrub and clean.

Archie from Nova Scotia,
Reunite the original 22 Minutes gang!

Robert from Vancouver,
You know affordable housing is an ever-loving present concern when young lawyers and doctors protest by saying, "I don't have a million dollars for a home." Now those same buggers are competing with lower and middle income people like myself for rental units driving that market through a previously unseen ceiling here in Vancouver. Increase my housing budget by 26% from last year. Say what now? So if Marg could slash the slum lords and evil real estate agents gaming this market in Vancouver I'd be forever grateful, or maybe you could get my employer (Westjet) to move my base from Vancouver to St. John's. Plus, I could use a gently used, gentleman caller.....not the Conservative kind that calls to inform you that your voting station has changed to a new location but rather the kind that looks like a JT with a slightly humbler vision of his prospects.

Dan from Ottawa,
I want our MP's and Public Servants to have their muzzles taken off. I want the PMO's power severely curtailed. I want Canadians to feel proud again.

Jackie from Ontario,
Kindness and Hope!

Clinton from Vancouver,
Anyone but Harper!

Margot from Vancouver,
Fund the CBC to pre-Harper levels, and restore long form census - both losses have eviscerated our country.

Heather from Edmonton,
12-15 Green MP's

Carla from Coaldale,
a government that actually cares about Canada

Leigh from Alliston,
The Repressive Conservative Party gone for good. Freedom of Speech restored to our Scientists, restoration of our environmental protections and above all, knock off all this terrorist bullshit.

Kevin from Ottawa,
Recind the fair elections act and harpers citizenship.

Naing living in Portland,
I am in the US...does my i1 US cent count as 1,3 Canadian cents?

Katherine from Kingston,
Poor Steven has had to listen to all these inconvenient views from scientists (he had to listen in order to decide to muzzle them), and he hates science! Let's get him out of there and replace him with someone who likes to listen to government scientists.

Jill from Vancouver,
Bring about Proportional Representation-- no more First Past the Post elections, please.

Alice from Toronto,
A fair and open government for ALL Canadians.

Joan from Delta,
I would like to see a responsible government in power. One that cares about people and the enviroment.

Mary from New Brunswick,
A great big party to start, celebrating the defeat..the humiliating and shaming defeat of an evil PM and his party, the likes of which we NEVER want to see again. Then..fix healthcare. Fix First Nation issues. Fix Veterans Services. Fix Seniors Services. Bring in a whole bunch of Syrian Refugees. Reinstate the scientists (remove gags first). Make good on environmental protections again. Bring back our peace-keepers. No more wars. Oh and give Marge the Order of Canada! You rock!! Thank You! xoxo

Chantal from Vancouver,
I would like to see Canada rejoin the Kyoto Protocol and properly address environmental issues. Student debt also needs to be addressed. If students are stuck paying off their debt well into their 30s they have nothing to add to the economy. Something needs to change.

Tammy from Surrey,
Scrap C51, fund our veterans offices, stop the TPP and raise corporate taxes! Also, our lands and waterways need to have the protection from the government restored.

Tara from Halifax,
A Conservative minority

Julia from Ottawa,
More funding for scientific research for the sake of research--none of this "directly applicable to business" crap! If I could selectively choose which of my experiments would directly benefit me financially, I wouldn't be wasting all this time on a stupid PhD.

Salma from Mississauga,
I hope and pray that after Oct 19 the divisive politics and fear-mongering coming from the PMO will end. In the past, whenever my American Muslim friends complained of discrimination I would boast to them that in my Canada everyone is treated equally, But I have not been able to that recently. Please let's go back to being Canada after Oct 19.

Jeff from Port Coquitlam,

Ben from Ottawa,
I would like to see EVERYTHING CHANGE, starting with Mr. Harper heading back to Alberta.

I would like to change that a primeminster can hold office for more than two, four year terms.

Selina from Vancouver,
I want Bill C51 repealed immediately, along with a reinstatement of environmental regulation. #democracy #anyonebutharper #imagineoct20

Dylan from Fredericton,
Oust the Conservatives.

Andy from Comox,
An open, inclusive government focuses on things which really matter vs bullshit issues based on fear-mongering.

Susan from Comox,
NDP majority government, with 8 Green seats

Amanda from Thunder Bay,
I would love to see a new electoral system that better represents the interests (and perspectives) of the electorate, rather than whatever the Prime Minister and Party Whip decide to enforce on the MPs

Katherine from Edmonton,
I'd like to see the Charter of Rights and Freedoms filed nice and cozy again under M for MotherEffin' Canada. We discussed and declared our stance on human rights a while ago, so we need to stop acting like whether we should treat all human beings decently is up for debate in Canada.

Adam from Calgary,
Respect for women; free education for all; benefits for our veterans; and a place for anyone who wants to call Canada home.

Deborah from Vancouver,
Get someone in office that listens to Canadians.

Tara from St. Catharine’s,
I DON'T want to see Stephen Harper! And I DO want to see ACCOUNTABILITY within Government.

Bec from Rural, BC,
anyone else!!

Sean from Toronto,
More transparency. Less spin. Answers to questions. Compassion. Should that be so hard? Keep up the good work Mary!

Zoe from Manitoba,
Please let's get rid of Harper! He does not support pensions and has created a two year gap in the collection of old age security, he does not support a child care program affordable for families, has made massive cuts in health care, he does not respect nor support public servants nor collective bargaining, He wants to privatize everything and hand the contracts to his friends. He HAS to go!

Erin from Alberta,
Begin to repair the relationship between Canada and its aboriginal peoples.

Jaclyn from Vancouver,
Free dental care for all school age children in Canada.

Elaine from Vancouver,
Our quality of life is being decimated by rich foreigners evading property taxes and inflating cost of housing above normal inflation. What Canadian could ever offer $1 Million over the asking of $1.5 million. Where are the leaders who will be true custodians of our arable land, decent housing & the human right to clean water? From a very old stock Canadian becoming racist against the colour of dirty money. I'm overdrawn on my 2 cents - sorry.

Dawn from Calgary,
Oh THANK GOD you're back Marg!!! I want to see legalization of medical marijuana, I want to see implementation of dying with dignity, I want to see the Senate abolished, the TTIP ERADICATED, Home mail delivery for virtually all Canadians, the scrapping of Bill C-51. Proportional representation instead of first past the post! Refunding of the CBC and to have scientists at arms length again.

Courtney living in Seattle,
restore vote to ex-pats! After 5 years we can't vote!!!!!

Lisa in BC,
More funding for women's programs. Stiffer laws around environment.

Jennifer in Kingston,
Repeal bill C-51 Marg is so very astute in explaining why we don't have to play with the other countries inventing a need for spying on their citizens.

Blayne in Toronto,
Anyone as Prime Minister but Harper!

Angie from Margaree Foeks,
get rid of the lying #$@$@@#$#$! racist

Christy from Sudbury,
I am hoping to see the NDPs, or a Liberal NDP coalition work together to update our electoral system. We need something better than the first past the post system. We need the Fair Elections Act repealed, and Bill C 51 and Bill C 24 - no more two tiered citizenship please!

Chris from Halifax,

Terri from Kingston,
A return to diplomacy and peacekeeoing

Matt from Toronto,
Let's return to decision making from basic economic principles and manage capitalistic systems so they're not harming us. There are self-perpetuating systems that apply a constant negative pressure on all of us and those pressures can easily be relieved.

Liam from Port Moody,
Proportional representation

Josh from Burnaby,
I want a real change in my healthcare: a national pharmacare program to help with the increasing costs of prescription drugs in Canada.

Richard from New Westminster,
1. Significant decrease in the power of the PMO 2. Destruction of the CPC "order books" for MPs as to how to subvert the Committee System of the House of Commons, one of the pillars of Parliamentary democracy.

Jeanne from New Waterford,
Pay some attention to issues that impact Canadians - fuel prices (winter is coming), jobs, assisted dying, the economy, food prices in the North, the environment, peace missions instead of war. And stop operating in secret. You're supposed to be our government, not extras in a Jason Bourne movie.

Queen B from BC,
Please, please, anyone but Harper after October 19th!! Want real openness and transparency in government, a focus on the environment and economy.

Cathy from St. John’s,
Stephen Harper gone Stephen Harper held accountable for every broken promise

Vanessa from Dartmouth,
A new resident at 24 Sussex Drive

Leslie from Langley,
Federal leadership on health care, seniors issues, urban transportation and housing.

Harleen from Caldon,
More money allocated to education, including university/college loans. Everyone who wants to study should have the means to do so.

Hannah from Kemptville,
I would like my Canada back! The one where leadership was truly tolerant of the diversity of Canadians and welcoming to immigrants regardless of religion or country of origin. I would like my Prime Minister and government to re-focus their attention on making healthcare accessible for all, providing affordable housing for all, safeguarding our beautiful land and lakes from coast to coast to coast, and protecting the human rights of all Canadians from 1 to 101 years old.

Donna from Fort St. John,
Steven Harper being ridden out of Ottawa on a rail.

Geraldine from Toronto,
Have him stop taxing the middle class and giving tax breaks to the very rich.

Janet from Ottawa,
Restore the long form census!

Kurt from Toronto,
I like to see some sense in Ottawa for a change. Maybe a PM with actual leadershr skills and the ability to unit rather than divide Canadians.

Samantha from Thompson,
It's apparent we need to educate more on what happened in our recent history. The lost generation. The sixties scoop. How this affects our generation today. <3

Victor from Oro-Medonte,
I want to stop living in fear that the PM can deport me because my father emigrated from Scotlsand in 1928.

Bonnie, living in Illinois,
I've been living in the U.S. for the past 6 years. Everyone down here says "Why would you leave Canada? People are so peaceful there and you have healthcare....and you welcome everyone...and you don't even get rid of political leaders who do crack - you wait for them to get better....and it's so beautiful there and everyone has a say...and you don't just have two political parties...and you can make the $5 dollar bill into Spock and have cool coins like Loonies and Twoonies....and you have Celine Dion and we love your comedians :)" I hate to burst their bubble and tell them that the times they have been a-changing ...for just about 8 years now. I don't know how to break it to them that the Canadian Conservatives are playing the worst playground games imaginable! They're playing (Trump) Copycats and (Republican) Wannabes, No More Dubs and even the worst game of all!!!!! "I Can't Hear You!" as they tauntingly cover their ears! After October 19th, I want to be able to sit down with my friends, make a list of reasons why I shouldn't move back there, and then - our heads thrown back in laughter and my arms up in surrender, find none :)

Bill in Chilliwack,
no pay raises for politicians,unless put to a vote by each riding

Lila in Kelowna,
Reinstate the health care transfer payments to the provinces and reduce OAS back to 65yo

Kelly in Halifax,
I would like to be able to be to wear a Canadian flag without shame again.

Shannon in Bowmanville,
No more Conservatives!

Sara in West Kelowna,
I would like to see increased democracy, support for the poor and protection of the environment/ increased investment in green energy.

Kate from Peterborough,
Anything but blue!

Pamela from New Brunswick,
heave steve, I would like to see more Green MP's

Anna from Manotick,
I would love to see a trudeau-may partnership!

Jeanne from Millbrook,
ANYBODY BUT HARPER! Better still, vote for your NDP candidate!!

Audrey from Edmonton,
An NDP Government that collaborates with the Green Party and the Liberals to see that the social contract with Canadians is a firt priority, including First Naitons issues! Good Job, Marg!!!

Leanne from British Columbia,
DEMOCRACY ...for real!

Heather in BC,
I would like to see a kinder and more inclusive government please! Enough with the hateful nasty politics of division. Small wonder people don't like politicians much.

Shauna from Toronto,
I would like to see more transparency in government, discussions and allegiances WITH the provinces instead of alienation, arts funding increased and an inquiry into the missing indigenous women.

Jim from Calgary,
I would love to see Stevie spend the rest of his days (as of Oct. 19, 2015 that is) in Russia - I suspect he'd adapt well to a system that bullies/cheats & lies to it's people, in fact he'd likely be star!

Chris from Grimsby,
I want a Liberal government to restore openness and funding for scientific research, and restoration of the long form census.

Layton from Toronto,
Thanks, Marg, for doing this. Change - bring it on!

Patricia from Saskatoon,
take the muzzles off of our scientists, give them the freedom of speech the rest of us enjoy.

R.D. from Banchory,
Buy a One-Way, non-refundable passage on a tramp steamer to Bashar al-Assad-land for One & All Harperlanders!!!

Mark from Ottawa,
"My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world." Jack Layton - 2011

Heather from Halifax,
I'd like to see Trudeau in Ottawa but most of all no matter what party makes our government I want to see all the reduculoud fear mongering stopped!!! Our only terrorists have been home grown Canadians, not from the Middle East. Stop the devision and let us be real Canadians again like we were under Stanfields PCs!

Jim from Penetanguishene, An elected PMO

James from North Vancouver,
The implementation of systems to make the access to information easier not more difficult.

Louise from Owen Sound,
Proportional Representation so I can vote for Elizabeth May!!!!

Janice from Winnipeg,
Respect for ALL Canadians, no matter what they wear or look like.

Jean from North Bay,
Change the dictatorship we now have at the helm…

Shannon from Squamish,
respect! For women, the environment, and humanity in general.

Darrell from Vancouver,
Marg! What a breath of fresh air to see you exhorting Canadians to show some compassion and save Stevil from himself by helping to relieve him of his duties as Canada's failed Prime Minister. You're doing good work, Marg! Thank you!

Sheila from Winnipeg,
resume federal transfer payments for the health accord and negotiate and sign the health accord with the provinces.

Paul from Calgary,
I would like to see democracy. It has been something missing in Ottawa for years.

Jody from Hamilton,
Women & aboriginal people & aboriginal women's issues brought to the forefront

John from Newfoundland,
Legal cannabis

Karen from Toronto,
Harper Gone- Syrian Refugees given an opportunity to a better life in Canada. Reestablish Canada as World Peace Keepers, Free our scientists to investigate research what they want. Reestablish world environmental targets and actively try to meet these targets. Help help the middle class not just help the rich get richer.

Janet from Fredericton,
I'd like to see some serious action on climate change, and on First Nations issues. Both have been neglected for entirely too long!

Valerie from Victoria,
My two cents: New PM to start. Then a renewed commitment to Canadians to cut the BS, learn to work together and get some real work done for our country.

Leo from Ottawa,
Marg, It is said you can do anything with a sword but sit on it. Just send the sword to Stephen, and I'm sure he will do the right thing.

Carla from Regina,
Strike down Bill c-51 & the fearmongering crap it is!

Marianne from Ontario,
Proportional representation voting system, national housing strategy, increase guaranteed income above poverty line for seniors.

Sheila from Mississauga,
Stop selling Canada

Stacy from Burnaby,
What change would I not like to see! Let's bring back fact based policy creation to begin with. Unmuzzle our scientists!

Marian from Richmond,
For the love of all things Canadian, stop telling women what to wear and when. Shame on you for making this an " issue" Mr. Harper. The changes I would like to see are fair tax for the middle class, care for the environment, particularly our water supply, a national food policy, a strong health care system and investment in infrastructure. Deficit be damned. Interest rates are low. The economy is slow. This is precisely why deficit spending is warranted, nnnaaaay required. Thanks Marg, kindred soul. Yours, Marian

Elaine from St. John’s,
No Conservatives. Not one!

Dustin from Calgary,
A government who put more faith in facts than dogma, and one that works collaboratively in the best interests of all Canadians rather that the best interests of partisan party image and political puppet masters.

Kathy from Toronto,
Proper credence given to scientific opinion and more environmental protection.

Alison from Halifax,
Harper gone.

Lila from PEI,
Get rid of Harper

Elsa from Alberta,
I would like to see ANYTHING BUT Mr Harper's insincere smirk in Ottawa after Oct 19th

Jason from BC,
Proportional representation!

Deanna from Duncan,
We need a prime-minister who will work for Canadians, rather for themselves and wealthy corporations. I would like to see NO MORE HARPER.

Silvia from Nanaimo,
all leaders (except Elizabeth May) have to stop talking about the non-issue of the niquab. I want to know about the seniors, women, veteran, environment, infrastructure and on and on.

Diane from Haliburton,
Again, Marg is right on with her views on Harper and the Conservatives. I did NOT vote for them, although I did do the right thing and voted!! Hope we see some real "change" in Ottawa this Fall.

Jeff from Saint John,
Before Stephen Harper, there had never been a terrorist attack on Canadian soil!

Trish from Halifax,
Increase the old Age pension and resources for seniors

Ross from Pemberton, BC
Bring back our democracy. Save our medical system, post office, marketing boards. Return us to peacemakers instead of war mongers. And, please salvage our economy.

Eva from New Brunswick,
more people like you Marg!! You're the best!!

John living in Auckland,
As someone who work recently led me overseas I'd like our Constitution respected so ALL Canadian citizens can still vote. And a proportional voting system, so a party with 38% never wins a majority again. Oh, and more Marg!

Fabrizio from Victoria,
I would like to be seen as a citizen, not just a taxpayer.

Linda from Alberta,
Institute Proportional Representation to replace First Past the Post.

Heather from Middle Musquodoboit,
Creation of green jobs through environmental remediation, conservation, truly-sustainable and responsible resource development so that we aren't killing my children and future grandchildren!!! There it is: job creation, fixing what has gone wrong and making a better future...that covers economy, middle class, education, health and (WTF did "Stevil" (love that one Marg!) do to our global standing on environmental issues???) environmental issues….

Linda from Alberta,
Institute Proportional Representation to replace First Past the Post.

Tatiana currently living in Switzerland,
I want to see the 1.4 million Canadian expats get their right to vote back!!

Catherine from Fort St. John,
A complete wipe out of government offices and a whole new parliament.

Brie from Toronto,
I will continue to feel ashamed of Canada on the international stage until Stephen Harper is voted out of office!

Pat from Windsor,
Restore the real Canada...the one we had before Harper came to power...simple stuff like respect for parliament and our institutions, compassion for our fellow citizens, caring for desperate people from foreign lands. BTW, "Marg's" rant is brilliant and hilarious. Thank you.

Dave from Orangeville,
Electoral reform/anti-corruption measures

Graeme from Hamilton,
A new prime minister.

Marilyn from Waterloo,
I'd like a PM and party that represents Canadian values and not the Republican agenda to the south. Mr. Stephen 'WannabeBush' Harper really would be more comfortable in, say, Texas, with the other oil men who have no use for anyone but other rich white men.

Lorell from Coquitlam,
Long Live the Princess Warrior!! What happened to all those "Ghost Towns" in Canada…?

Lorrie from Sarnia,
Harper MUST GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel from Vancouver,
just make it stop....please for the love of everything. Enough already.

Patricia from Windsor,
Science matters. Inclusion matters. Our reputation matters. I want MY Canada back.

Derrick from Nova Scotia,
Please bring proportional representation to Canada.

Sandra from Ontario,
Evil KaStevil must go! That's "Change #1”.

Katt from Alberta,
It will be my first time voting in my 40 years on this earth. I just want Harper gone. At least he made me understand the importance of my vote . What an asshat!

Duncan from Regina,
Let's Heave Steve and his Cons and restore democracy to Canada! Unmuzzle our scientists, stop gutting the CBC, deal with the serious issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women, honour the treaties, repair our dismal reputation on the world stage and, for God's sake, bring back the long form census! A couple of hours filling out a form once in your life can do wonders for the data we need for accurate decisions on the economy, public policy and government spending. Stop the insanity! Heave Steve! Give change a chance!

Steve from BC,
Time for the politicians to pull their heads out of their asses! Canada needs change, we need to be able to compete with the world.. not bring Timmy's to the gathering and look like idiots. Give the trades people a full tool allowance, stop the politicians from claiming multiple pensions and for god's sakes get the surveys that are done which are supposed to represent "real Canadian" to be taken by real Canadian, not just the 1500 closest neighbours to King Stephen's house on the hill who don't know shit from Shinola!

Fergus from St. John’s,
I definitely want to see a change in Governenment. No political party should have this much time governing the country.

Judith from Nanaimo,
Get rid of the secrecy and bring back open democracy. More than anything let's bring in a better system of voting. No more first-past-the-post.

Barbara from Torbay,

Pat from Oakville,
reinstatement of protection for over a million lakes and streams that was unprotected to assist corporations exploitation and destruction of Canada.

Jeff from Kelowna,
Proportional representation, repeal bill C 51, decriminalization of marijuana or legalization of it, more investment into health promotion and sustainable, clean energy.

Doris from Ottawa,
Focus on the issues - environment, economy and Healthcare. The niqab is a non issue - discussion around first Nations issues would be much more relevant

Maureen from Beer River,
Change the rules on CRA Income Tax Disability Tax Credit so that the treatments I take (not DRUGS) are accepted, as they used to be, My supplements and wholistic treatments cost most of my disability pension. There are no drugs I can tolerate because I have multiple chemical sensitivities as part of my disability. AND Recognize that a permanent disability doesn't have to be diagnosed every year or every time a disabled person applies for support, costing hundreds or thousands of dollars over the years to get to a specialist to define the disability. eg: If a person has been blind since birth why do they have to go to an specialist 3 hours away in Halifax to get the paperwork done when the family doctor can state the obvious. A veteran who lost their leg[s] while on a tour of duty does not need to have repeated proof that they are disabled provided at their own cost to the CRA. It's a beaurocratic redundancy overload and waste of time, money and emotional stress on our part.

Joan living in Costa Rica,
I'm one of 1.4 million Canadians who lost our right to vote after living abroad for more than 5 years. We are enjoying a few years of retirement in the sunny tropics but still fly the Maple Leaf, pay our taxes to Canada, & want our vote back!

Alfred from Golden Lake,
It's what I don't want to see after Oct.19 that' got me fired up. I don't want to see, cons, creeps,crims, or any of Stevils friends, and Marg, you remind so much of my Ma, she be right with you on this arsehole of a man, she always would call a spade a f*cking shovel ! Bless you ..

Kevin from Kelowna,
Electoral reform. Only. I don't care if they pass the legislation, then call for another election.

Kaeleen from Port Rupert,
ABC - Anyone But the Conservatives. Harper must be stopped before he destroys what's left of our country. I'd like to see scientists free to speak and share their findings. I'd like to see our rivers, streams, and lakes protected. I'd like to see the CBC funded. I'd like to see healthcare protected. Steve has got to go!

Mary from Nova Scotia,
Leadership and humanity. Stop fracturing our great country and destroying our relationships with the rest of the world.

Diane and Peter from Ottawa,
The Senate can be very valuable, but it must be totally re designed.

Erin from Salmon Arm,
Harper gone, a more open government who deals with REAL issues,

Jill from Calgary,
I would like to see all politicians treat each other respectfully and with dignity.

Betty from Fredericton,
I would like to see sanity restored to this country....a transparent, honest, open, did I say transparent government. I'd like to see income splitting remain, the old age sent back to 65 and on and on. Just get our old country back, our pride and joy instead of the shame that I feel right now.

Elissa from Vancouver Island,
Elizabeth May

Paul from Sudbury,
Better social service funding and infrastructure money necessary. there have been too many cuts and Canada is starting to look shabby. People are suffering and our roads and buildings are suffering. We are only as good as how we treat our least. Austerity for the poor and profits for the corporations and CEOs.... this does not make sense. No more Cons!

D’Arcy from Stephenville Crossing,
A return of research-based policy decisions that include more science and a return to the mandatory long-form census.

Didier from Cté Argenteuil-Papineau,
We need to end the Harper regime and we need to end the first past the post system. Once we've done that we can start the deharperfication process that this country needs. We need to end Bill C-51. We need to restore the dignity of what a one-tier Canadian citizenship has always meant. We need to repudiate unfair trade deals that are turning Canada into a exporter of natural resource with no value added that will benefit a small minority and impoverish a large majority (if you want to see how that works, look at Africa). We need to seriously look at what our fellow citizens have suggested in the Leap Manifesto and engage in a future of social and environmental equity. That's just to start . . . (BTW Marg Delahunty rocks!)

Leah in Ontario,
I'd like to see our sacred waters protected and respected again.

Donna from Ottawa,
Mandatory GMO labeling on food and subsidized day care for all Canadian Children. please and thanks

Melanie from Powell River,
Pretty much everything at this particular moment. Cripes!

Danielle from Yukon,
Spend more $ on research for clean energy. Use more clean engery, solar, wind, hydro. That's Marg!

Lawrence from Sechelt, A new Non Conservative Gaovernment

Hilary from Napanee,
Anyone But the Conservatives, either a Liberal or NDP minority works for me (but preferably the Liberals), with enough Green Party MPs to hold their feet to the fire and bring in ELECTORAL REFORM. To me, this is the key issue. If we can fix our democratic process so that most of us are actually represented in parliament (what a concept) then we can start dealing with the rest of the issues. I don't know if I've used my two cents up yet, but for the record, I strongly resent my tax money being used to fight the courts to get a ban on niqabs. For god's sake. Never encountered anything more ridiculous from a PM. A sad day.

Change immigration laws to fast track refugees. Most Canadians are still good people and will help.

Lynn from Kitchener,
Please, please, let's have SOME kind of proportional representation!!

Falan in Montreal,
Réforme électorale

Tracy from Calgary,
a united left...i'm terrified that Stevil Herpes will sneak in...in between a fractured center-left...why can't they cooperate??

Teresa from Kitchener,
I want the Canada of my childhood: a Canada that was respected around the world, a nation of peacekeepers.

Annie from Kingston,
I would like to see a party lead by someone who tells the truth, allows all elected members to say what they want and NOT be puppets of a disgracefull Government such as we have with Stevie.

Judy in Thunder Bay,
I would like to see a government that shows respect for the plight of native Canadians who don't have access to clean drinking water; a government that has the integrity to respect the environment that we all share; members of parliament who are more inclined to build this nation and work diligently towards that goal rather than feathering their own nests; and no politician whose remedy to every problem is to raise taxes for one or another group of Canadians rather than showing accountability for what is already being paid by all of us. I would like to see more respect in the House of Commons for the diversity of opinion that exists in this country so that Members of Parliament can effectively represent their constituents rather than be hand-cuffed and muzzled by a particular 2"leader" whose primary goal is to stay in power. Finally, I would love to see an end to the way we view leadership in this country. Let us have more statesmen, men and women who serve the common good because ultimately that is what good, effective and honest government is all about.

Christina in Vancouver,
I'd like to see the long-form census reinstated, and an end to fearmongering.

Robert in Orangeville,
The change I would like to see is a government that would act on adding value to our resources, be it agricultural, petroleum, mining or forestry. This would benefit our nation because our country would have the ability and know how to be a world class manufacturer. Improving the wealth generation of the whole country

Tara in Sydney,
Less of Steven harper

Steve from Quesnel,
I would love to get excited about the other political parties. Frankly, they are still suffering from paralysis due to a long term rectal cranial inversion. A strong labor party that stood for the workers would be refreshing. Liberals that were something other than "not conservatives, and we'll legalize it" would get a strong second. Take that warrior princess sword and shove it up their backside and maybe give them a little backbone. I'm not going to vote for someone just because their Daddy was a shitty PM.

Wendy from Halifax,
I'd love to see ABC in Ottawa. People are worried that this divisive politics will get in the way of doing the right thing. I still have faith in Canada...and in Canadians. I hope that the dirty politics in the end is the straw that broke the partys back...and we see change in Ottawa. Is it too much to ask for NDP Majority? Probably. But, Orange and Red will do just nicely.

Some other asshole running the place. ANY other asshole. Please god!!!

Shawn from Ottawa,
I want a return to Marg - sword and all - to put top the fire those pesky patooties of the pusillanimous poltroons who have comandeered Parliament. Please.

Fulvio from Port Hope,
Anything but Steve!

Maggie from Woody Point,
I would like to see a PM who's NOT a pathological liar.

Elizabeth from Bracebridge,
Abolish the senate, loosen refugee claims so we can help those in other countries who are suffering, say no to any more tar sand expansion and yes to green energy, make sure all aboriginal people have access to clean water, education and health care, and finally, TAX THE WEALTHY UP THE YING YANG!!!!!

Lane from St. John’s

Donald from Toronto,
Stevie Harper out of office once and for all!

Corey from Surette’s Island,
Electoral reform so that we never have to live through another 10 years rule by a party who doesn't care about any Canadians outside of their core supporters. Some sort of parliamentary science officer so we never have to relive the destruction of OUR data. Bring back the long-form census! Really, what I'd really like to see is an actual, physical, heaving of the Steve. Thanks for your efforts Marg.

Melanie from St. John’s,
I'd like to see a government that actually cares about it's people! NOT about itself.

Sara from Newfoundland,
I'd like to see our nations scientists free from the stifling restrictions and ignorance of the Harper regime!

Britt from Victoria,
After Oct 19, I would like to see: no Harper to be seen. Not even in a closet. If he does get voted out, please check all the closets just to be sure he's really gone.

Jennifer from Edmonton,
I would like to see Stephen Harper's back as he leaves the building.

Ceta from Toronto,
Justin as PM

Michael from Vancouver,
an NDP majority with priorities for workers, women, and healthcare!

Colleen from PEI,
Restore democracy; put in legislation that prohibits another PM from shutting down parliament (pro-rogue Steve), repeal bill C-51.

Allan from Toronto,
I would like to see more openness and I want the power moved away from the PMO back to Parliament. And I want to hear a resounding smack of the proverbial screen door on Stephen Harper's ass when he leaves 24 Susses.

Clayton in British Columbia,
proportional representation

Heather in BC,
I would like to stop seeing stupid people.

Dominique from Comox,
Proportional Representation, people working together, listening to Canadians, respectful discourse between parties, open debates, accountability, honesty….

Jane in Victoria,
A majority NDP government! Go Mulcair!

Caron in Victoria,
I would like to see a new Prime Minister....anyone

Corliss in Whitehorse,
1. Changed electoral system 2. Support for our veterans

Melanie in Calgary,
Represent your ridings, MPs! It's no wonder voters feel disconnected. MPs are supposed to actively represent their constituents, not be partisan sock puppets that do whatever their leader says. It's lazy, undemocratic, and the worst part of New Politics - after the election, the voters don't matter.

Maribel in Sarnia,
Stevil must go ! We Canadians have had enough . This government is an embarrassment . Mr Trudeau truly deserves to be the PM.He has spent time listening to us not dictating to us .He has done his homework on the economy and his plan will produce the best longterm positive growth Canada needs right now. The GDP cant afford to remain where it is under this government . Hope not fear must win .

Lauren in Coutenay,
Anyone but Harper!!! Our parliamentary democracy is being systematically annihilated. It is being sliced, diced, drawn and quartered, piece by piece and bill by omnibus bill. He has to be stopped! The Canada that was, can never be again, unless we vote to rid ourselves of Stephen Harper!

Joe in Edmonton,
As a federal employee, just the chance to speak without fear of termination.

Janet in Royston,
Tom for equal rights for all citizens of Canada, and end the oil tankers/barges on the west coast.

Shannon in Edmonton,
I would like to see a government that respects our civil liberties, our multicultural heritage, and our human rights. Let's make this country great again!

Bette in Sechelt,
Bring back our democracy and out with Harper!

ACG in BC,
I'd like to see a Prime Minister who cares about this country and not about the hair or level of expertise of the other leaders. A Prime Minister who puts Canada back on a leadership role in the world, despite our small population.

Tracey in Saskatoon,
My biggest issues are reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, and a national inquiry on Missing and Murdered Indigenous women, fair treatment of refugees, and serious, committed action on renewable energy and climate change. Thanks for what you're doing.

Melanie in Port Coquitlam,
A representative electoral system to replace the first past the post one that has kept Harper in power. Stronger environmental protection. A clear defence and foreign policy that represents Canadian values and ideals rather than a collection of vague policy statements that are more representative of corporate interests and thinly veiled attempts to please the US Republican Party. A government that respects, adheres to and supports the Charter of Rights and Freedoms instead of one that ignores it whenever it is convenient to their agenda to do so.

Linda in Alexandria,
Harper gone! That's it. That's the change I'd like to see.

Darnell in North Vancouver,
Steve in the unemployment line.

Tina in Nanaimo,
Stop the politics of fear.

Dave in Enderby,
Some form of Proportional Representation

Linda in Vancouver,
Some form of Proportional Representation

Anne in Vancouver,
More respect for science!

Cynthia in Kelowna,
Once the door to the PMO finally slams hard into Steve's derrière as he is unceremoniously dumped from office, an amazing coalition between the NDP and Greens is formed (with maybe a bit of room for the new and improved Trudeau Liberals to take some part), and a thousand white doves will be released as it announced that all the horror created by the Cons over the past 10 years will all erased ...including FIPPA, C51, TPP, funding to the CBC will be fully reinstated, and to Veterans Affairs too, medical/healthcare transfers will not be discontinued by the 36 billion or so promised by Harper, an indepth investigation will be undertaken into the cases of each and every unsolved case of missing and murdered indigenous Canadian female, all of our waterways will be immediately reinstated to having full protection, our coast guard stations will be re-opened, our troops will return home safely and our forces will focus on peace-keeping missions from now on whenever it is possible, the Saudi's et al will immediately give us back our wheat board and .... the sun will come out and there will be peace across Canada (except for Harper lemmings) celebrations for at least a week 24/7, with Harperman as our theme song along with O'Canada ... One more thing though ... Can we make it a requirement of his last day in office that Harper has to wear a niqab for the entire day? ;). Thanks Marg!! You're the best -I wish us all luck (except Con types book!) and that is my 2 cents - Cheers

Susan in Duncan,
vote strategically!

Rob from Red Deer,
I'd like a different Prime Minister, one who will restore decorum to the House and confidence to Canadians

Stephanie from Edmonton,
Please help students with loans and those going into universities and colleges. No one should have to start in debt to the government before they make something of themselves. As well those already on the workforce need to be supported, like something that helps people who are unsatisfied be able to do more than search the net for a new job.

Martin from Montreal,
Preclude a public broadcasting station from publishing and insinuating that our democratically elected Government is in any shape or form close to Weimar Republic. The video posted promotes hatred and misinformation. Talk about journalistic neutrality... I guess your station is just the pot calling the kettle black. Shame on you!

Melissa from Montreal,

I'd like to see literally anything but Harper. Literally. Anything. A rabid mangy moose for PM would be preferable.

Bill from Vancouver Island,
Marg as PM and Steve in a Viking Costume, trying to roast a dog on a stick.

B from Regina,
All kinds of money give away programs during election but cut off the old people and make them wait till near death before collecting old age pension. Shameful conservatives hate old people.

Wayne from Kamloops,
repeal bill c51

Stacy from Regina,
My dream is to wake up on October 20th and know that Canadians had proven that a political campaign based in bigotry and fear is not a successful path. After October 20th I hope Harper's legacy consists of a series of Charter challenges overturning everything he's done. Also I hope for just a hint of democracy again. I'd settle for even a dash of it.

Hilary in Victoria,

Patricia from British Columbia,
More action on protecting our environment.

Carolee from Halifax,
Just get anybody in other then Steve Harper !!!!!

Marvin in Regina,
I vote then i puke, as i vote for who will do the least harm to my country, I vote for Harper. Bec from Toronto,
Prime Minister Elizabeth May.

Serge in Richmond,
Limits on foreign home ownership. Close tax loopholes on wealth buying these homes and more importantly, collect data first.

Lisa from North Bay,
THANK YOU! GOD BLESS YOU MARG! I must say though, it'd be funnier if it were NOT true! You get what I mean? It is heartening that you have 'got the message out', that I am WATCHING the pennies come in! YOU MAY have 'won' the election Marg via your great influence and loosed, finally, play-doh hair's despotic grip on this once great country! You're power Marg shows in the pennies flooding in now, GO MARG! - Lisa of the ANTI-HARPER League, assembled to SAVE this country! We're in it together sisa, and we've thankfully got plenty of company! YAY!

Barb from Winnipeg,
More open government. Less power to the PMO's office

Suzy from Comox,
bring back the protection of the lakes, rivers and wetlands that were striped of protection

Serena in South Surrey,
with props to the 22 Minutes crew... it's not Elizabeth May it's Elizabeth CAN. Hoping to see a Greener Ottawa on Oct 20!

Arlene from Whelan Bay,
I would like to see common sense and open communication between government and the people of Canada after October 19th. And I hope I am not being naïve when I say I want a leader who truly understands the meaning of misogyny and who does not attempt to legislate what I or any woman may or may not wear any place anytime!

Susan from Kingston,
I want to see someone in power who actually gives a damn about this country and the people in it. And I'd love to see Harper love the leadership of the Conservatives, too.

Stephanie from Barrie,
I would like to see a strong commitment to the environment after October 19th. The Harper government has clearly demonstrated their lack of concern- Canada needs a new leader that will protect our natural resources and get behind a plan to mitigate climate change.

John from Toronto,
A Liberal majority, or possibly a Liberal minority with Elizabeth May holding the swing vote. We need science, we need compassion, we need fair treatment for First Nations, we need to be Peacekeepers, not warriors (sorry Marg) and too much more to write. We need CHANGE!!!

Jason from Simcoe,
Either a Liberal or NDP majority with several Green seats and a total obliteration of the CPC.

Deb from Ontario,
A prime minister who will speak with the press, listen to Canadians, and do as he says he will. Not a hypocrite with poor judgement and a despot complex.

Allison from Halifax,
Protect the environment and fix the economy by empowering our entrepreneurs!

Joanne from Pugwash,
I would like to wake up on October 20th and discover Stephen Joseph Harper came in 4th.

Jessica from North Vancouver,
transparent, cooperative and participatory democracy

Gary from Edmonton,
Real transparency, real democracy, real compassion, real respect, real concern for the environment, et cetera....

Storm from Ontario,
Harper moving out of Sussex Dr.

Brad from Toronto,
Legalize marijuana already!!!

Susan from Vancouver,
That anyone but the Conservatives are in. That's it. Please. For the love of God. Or if you're not religious, Satan. Or those poor puppies being roasted on sticks. (We love you, Marge!!) (Too bad the Fureys couldn't do a video expressing their opinion of this whole debacle. )

Catherine from Apple River,
No more Steven Harper!

Diane from Fredericton,
Heir Harper defeated, if by some weirdness he wins a coalition formed to end his fascist regime.

Maurice from Lunenberg,
No SH at 24 Sussex

Denise from Newfoundland,
I'm almost 60 years old and I've never been sad or afraid to be a Canadian, and it's got nothing to do with Terrorism until this government. I am afraid for myself but more for my two daughters and my grandchildren. I fear for their future. I pray for change.

Colin from Vancouver,
I'd like to see what types of Barbaric Cultural Practices we can find within Harper's home province. I think Marg could really help us there.

Christina from Moncton,
Stop Harper, Climate/environmental protection , Save THE CBC!!!, STOP TPP STOP/REFORM C-51/ Reform Senate. Thanks , Peace and Love (from Hunny and Momma Vinegar )

Rick from Newfoundland,
Harper gotta go.

Lyba from Toronto,
Transparency, attention to poverty, housing, child care, student nutrition, First Nations' basic needs, a repeal of Bill C-51, repeal of Bill C-36 (prostitution law), an end to the muzzling of scientists - how much room do I have?

Charlene from Goulds,
I would like to see all government federal and provincial employees actually KNOW what programs are available both federally and provincially for people when they need it most. I can write a book about misinformation given to myself and my family that has deeply impacted us financially, physically and emotionally. Many Years have been wasted trying to access programs and at every stage I have been given wrong information or incomplete information, sent to wrong departments and penalized because of it. It seems unbelievable that in Canada it is so hard to access programs and supports designed to help and make out lives better when you need it most.

Amy from Calgary,
Electoral reform - first past the post is not working, find something that is fair for Canada. Repeal bills C-24 and C-51. Do not ratify the TPP - the infringements on privacy and national security are too great. Stop fear mongering, and let's work together to improve Canada's environment and international reputation.

Sandy from Charlottetown,
Please, please everyone get out and vote for change. Anyone but Harper.

George from Chester,
Right on, Marg! Let's give Harper's twisted mind a long and well-deserved rest.

Bill from Ottawa,
I want to feel proud of Canada as a country of diverse, caring citizens committed to human rights and social justice at home and abroad. Under Harper, my country has become unrecognizable. After October 19, I would like to see Harper and crew gone for good.

Nancy from Arnprior,
I would like to see an end to secrecy and a return to transparency with accountability; a reduction of the power concentrated in the PMO; permission for scientists to actually share their research and the use of the results to craft sensible legislation; the repeal of the Indian Act; a comprehensive look at the causes of there being so many aboriginal women missing and murdered and men incarcerated, leading to a sensible plan to address these issues; a budget which contains just the budget; every other piece of legislation being separate and seeing proper democratic debate; the repeal of all the legislation which has led to reduced environmental protection; the repeal of the "Fair" Elections Act in totality; the repeal of the "Zero Tolerance" Act in totality; DON'T GET ME STARTED! Thank you, Marg. You are a true warrior.

Janice from Ottawa,
Open and transparent government who talk to the press; strong support for the arts; a return to peacekeeping; and compassion and open doors for refugees. Strike down Bill C-51, and review the TPP with a view to bringing back more Crown-owned corporations and resources. But mostly, I just want to see humans who care about Canada and Canadians there on Capitol Hill.

Brenda from Brandle,
Repeal Bill C-51 and C-24! No more omnibus bills!!! An open and transparent government! Review and implement the existing recommendations for Murdered and Missing women.

Melody, Canadian living in Mexico,
I'd like to see: 1. TPP defeated. 2. Environmental laws to protect our waterways restored. 3. Higher corporate taxes and less corruption! Oh, I could go on, Marg!!

Greer from Terrace,
I want to see my heroine of this generation run for office and bring common sense back to the people's government. Until you are elected Marg, perhaps you can be appointed to a portfolio!

Robin from North Gower,
Electoral and governance reform now, please. Partisan politics have got to go, replaced by collaborative all-party committees on each issue creating policy that reflects the values of ALL Canadians.

Debra from Cape Breton,
Harper's foreign pict has shattered Canada's reputation worldwide. We used to be the voice of reason and now we take advantage of poverty stricken countries. We used to care about the environment and now it's only about driving up the use of fossil fuels to feed the greedy pockets of Harper and his cronies. Harper never represented Canadians for me.

Amy from Montreal,
I would like to see more action taken against climate change, more humane policies for refugees and immigrants, the decriminalization of sex work/ers and put aboriginal and first nations on the national agenda, including addressing drinking water on reserves, harmful youth protection policies and an inquest into the missing and murdered aboriginal women across Canada. Sorry for the run-on sentence, I guess two cents isn't enough! Thank you, Marg! xoxo

Adele from Halifax,
Let women wear what they want!

Mike from Sydney,
I'd like to see a Liberal Majority government.

Michelle from Yukon Territory,
Legalization of marijuana.

Madison in St. John’s,
More funding for school they talk about no one wants or are in rolled in skill trades yet the cost of school or to get in to programs class to get there are so costly .... and the fact in ottawa they have something called second career where the government will give those who have already been through school to get a career they Wil give these people up to 40,000 to help hem yet won't help people who's are just starting out I don't understand that ..... how about tr government help this who actually need it ..... I'm a single mother to a special needs child an just the sherr cost of school is why I'm still home there should be founding for people like my self who want to work go to school to better our lives an the lives of our children who at he moment can't work or do school because financially we can't afford it .... that's my thoughts put the money where it's actually need

Amanda in Sudbury,
REDUCE TUITION!!!!!!!! I am a single sole support parent and I have $70,000 (Yup, all those zero's) worth of student loan debt. I cringe and laugh when the media reports that most students are $25,000 in debt. What a crock! An average number masking the problem and voiding the issue of the proper context. Why am I so much in debt? Well, I had to take it slower in the beginning in terms of course load cause my daughter was so young and had health issues, I had to move part way through my undergraduate degree and was set back by losing almost a years worth of credits the new university wouldn't recognize, and I had to work AND attend school full-time in the summers (when I could find a job friendly to daycare hours) to make enough money to pay the rent. And, despite making is so far, to top it all off I am in my last year of my Masters of Interdisciplinary Health (researching older adults, falls prevention, and integration of services) and have found out that a new policy was passed in 2013 and I am cut off from student loan because I ran through the maximum allowable weeks faster than most because of the reasons listed above. So, I am majorly in debt, trying to finish my Masters degree with no funding and no idea how I will pay the rent and manage to not get evicted from my apartment before Christmas. I tried to do all the so-called right things and pick myself up after being abandoned by her father when she was two weeks old only to finally realize that in Canada hard work and doing the right things (i.e. getting a good education) doesn't actually get you anywhere. I'm still stuck in poverty. I can live with that, have most of my life, but my daughter shouldn't have to. I was hoping I could get us out of the poverty cycle but, despite an education, it looks like that burden will now fall on my daughter. Distressingly sad. I have no pride in Canada anymore and borderline feel hatred towards our greddy overly-capitalist system. REDUCE TUITION!!!! CANADA IS NOT AMERICA!!!!!!! Stop Harper from shaming us any longer by preying on people with fear tactics and sequestering the poor. Stand Up and Vote ABC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leanne from Sechelt,
Freedom for all government funded researchers to be able to talk openly about their research.

Lisa from Burin,
I would LOVE to see the BIGGEST parade EVER!!! Seriously, I'd like to see a massive independent investigation into Harper's tenure as PM. I would like to see Bill C51 abolished, as well as the Senate! But most of all, I would LOVE to see Harper and his family EVICTED from 24 Sussex on TV, but then, I guess all of Canada would love that! Way to go Marg, my love!!! I've never seen you have to use your sword before, but I'd love to see you slap Harper across the arse with it on his way out!!! Gawd luv ya!!!

Victoria in Squamish,
Increased funding for women's program and an inquiry into the death of native women.

Gregory from Lanark Highlands,
I am a Green supporter but live in a long held redneck C riding. I will vote NDP to help get rid of Harper.

Rick from Toronto,
A change of Government. ABH, folks. Anyone but Harper.

Eileen from Glace Bay,
I would like to see Harper and his cronies out never to return in Canadian politics or on the world stage.

Marcel from Sudbury,
a new prime minister

Judith from Alton,
dear Marg, take all of the pennies you get ,pour them into pails filled with water and freeze them. Then deliver them to "Steve" ...as COLD HARD CASH!

Deanna from Prince George,
First off Marg Delahunty should have run!!! Time for Steve to leave. But whom to choose.......the best would be a minority Gov't then they can fight it out.

Colleen from Dartmouth,
I don't care who as long as they are open and honest with the public, respect the intelligence that we have to not fall for their fear mongering and actually try to make Canada better for those of us not rich

Paul from Toronto,
take care of the first nations people and our veterans

Nicola from Lethbridge,
I would like the Senate to be restructured. I don't think eliminating it entirely would solve anything and that would involve rewriting the consitution; that seems unlikely. Instead Canadians as a group need to have a say in who sits in the Senate, rather then the current system of rewarding friends of the current governing party with a cushy job for life.

M from Aurora,
....another party.... more transparency in all areas of federal government responsibility; no more celebrity journalists - what a crock; more funding for aboriginals; more safety for aboriginals; i'm a senior - so definite help for born-here seniors (there needs to be more definitive consideration for that); stronger immigration laws; increased inter-provincial rail links; increased funding to our armed forces and soldiers. but, definitely i'd be 'harpier' if 'true-dough's' party would get rid of the covert government we presently have. thank you for my two cents of rant.

John from Victoria,
Proportional representation!

Linda from Ontario,
The Conservatives must go. If they get another chance at governing Lord knows what else they will do to Canada. Canadians need to wake up!

Martina from Montreal,
I would love to see a total re-vamping of the government system to bring it into the 21st century. Currently, it still reeks of the empirical fat-cat mentality of the 18-20th centuries.

Vee from Nova Scotia,
I'd like Senate removed or toned down to 15 people - one for each province and territory and a couple of spares; I'd like gov't to make a plan to bring down taxes for all Canadians - stop spending - it needs a good overhaul of budgets when departments spend just to spend so they won't get a decrease next year. That practice is robbing us of our own hard worked for dollars; everything form RCMP detachment camera gear to the big stuff. Government members who work to make a good status of living less of a struggle for more people. Less debt, more education, minimum services - health, transportation and communication (Internet Highway where did that idea go? Until it's supplied to all, less reliance on Government Internet services.

Ken from St. Marys,
The truth and nothing but the truth

Grace from Guelph,
I would like to see a level head running the country who understands Canadians and isn't trying to push Canada towards so sad US copycat.

Teddy from Madoc,
A Harperless government! Ideally, a coalition with Tom Mulcair PM, Elizabeth May, Deputy PM (or some similar position) and Justin T. rounding out the triad. Hey we can dream can't we?

Paul from Winnipeg,
I want our government to get serious about environmental protection, poverty elimination and international peace. We need a government that unites Canadians. We need to say good-bye to Mr. Harper.

Greg from Kitchener,
A united Canada

David from Corner Brook,
More emphasis put on social issues such as improving the quality of life of our aboriginal people. Also, less devisive politics where one region of the country is played off another.

Kiera from Waterloo,
More resources for women in crisis.

Mather from Northern Ontario,
A kinder, gentler nation that embraces diversity, houses the poor, honours First Nations, and takes bold action to keep out planet habitable.

Brenda from St. John’s,
Steve gone

Tina from Moncton,
I would like to see the elected officials work cooperatively to manage the issues that Canadians actually care about. You know, healthcare, education, a plan to reduce student debt, changing regulations so that they do not disadvantage small scale farms and businesses, and so much more! So no more squabbling and start working for Canadians! Cheers Marg!

Maggie from Woodstock,
Better social programs, (get more people working!!!) student jobs (so we don't need so many social programs!!!), less taxes for the middle class, lower hydro costs. I could go on. :)

Doesn't matter who you vote for, just get out there and exercise your right to choose.

Bill from Barrie,
Anyone but the Conservatives. We need an assurance that a Prime Minister won't prorogue parliament to save his ass.

Rob from Thamesford,
PM that isn't a party of one and has not lost his moral compass!

Sue from Ottawa,
De-muzzling of our scientists

Dave from Woody Point,
Abolition of Senate and House of Commons.

Martin from Kitchener,
I'd like to get Canada back to where I recognize it, not as some disrespected warmongering might is right bully, but as a respected peacekeeping nation that takes care of it's veterans and doesn't sue them saying "we have no obligation to you". You at least used to be able to say the best thing about Canada is that it isn't the United States....can't really say that anymore either...I want at least that back!

Leigh from Quebec City,
A celebration of multiculturalism, each and every month! With people of every gender, colour, religion and sexual orientation wearing something to celebrate who they are and that in Canada we are free!

K from New Brunswick,
Freedom of all politics, all partisan groups, all lies, all corporation influence and all interference on all levels.

Judy from Greenfield,
Bring back the scientists, help our environment, support more refugees to come to Canada, and get rid of Herr Harper!

Kelly from Toronto,
1. more collaboration with provinces and cities 2. Restore our research and statistics gathering

Sarah from London,
How about a little transparency and focusing on the issues that matter

Duane in Newfoundland,
Electoral reform - true proportional representation. Remove ability of government to rejig polling stations and electoral boundaries.

Dawn from London,
Jobs, we need jobs in Canada. And Senior care, Veteran Care; our seniors and veterans have helped shape our country and helped keep the world a safer place to live, lets thanks them with an opportunity to live their years out with dignity and basic human needs, you know, like their efforts meant something to the rest of us. Oh, and jobs, more jobs would be good too.

Jim from London,
Well, aside from seeing YOU in the PMO, Marg, what I want to see is NOT the other parties (whichever wins) tripping over themselves to out-Conservative the Conservatives! Stop making promises that may never be kept (I'm looking at YOU, Mulcair)! That's Steve's stock-in-trade. I want (I can't believe I'm saying this) a return to "simpler" times, when the government didn't tell scientists that they couldn't speak publicly, and Canada was willing to part with money to alleviate drought conditions in Africa--even the paltry <100k/year that the Con-artists have been giving, until now, was some help. There's so much to change that I'd better wish for a magic wand (or sword) to wave to undo all of the Harperservatives' damage to the nation!

Jeff from Dartmouth,
bring back the CBC.

Julie from halifax,
Oh, where do I start? Getting rid of the penny might have been the only relatively benign thing that his asses of evil has done. Could we have a government in which supporting our troops means being good to the men and women who serve us and not simply rubber stamping whatever agenda the government comes up with.

Kathryn from Saskatoon,
Where to begin? Proportional representation would be a start, so everyone's vote will count in future elections. And a climate change policy that is based on good science is essential. Then try to repair the damage that Steve has caused to our country, in so many ways.

Joy, currently living in Cambodia,
I would love to see Canada once again perceived as a peacekeeping, accepting, tolerant and kind nation in the eyes of the rest of the world.

NJ from Belleville,
I would like to see no more Harper in parliament.

Keith from Pemberton,
Steven Harper made a big deal about doubling the annual contribution limit to the TFSA then quietly added another two years before Canadians can be eligible for Old Age Security. That's $26,000 he picked out of the pocket of every Canadian 65 years or younger. Prime Minister Fagin strikes again. I'd like to see Justin Trudeau's Liberals move the age of eligibility back to 65.

Terry from Canada,
Fuck you! Harper is what we need not your old ugly ass!

Sonny from Farmington,
The whole building gutted. To get rid of all the lies that have contaminated it during the Harper Coup. We don't want them seeping out and influencing the new Parliment. Now would we?? :)

John from Lasalle,
I may be somewhat defeatist in my outlook, only because history dictates, but we need a transparent government that will truly serve the people that elect them. Unfortunately most, if not all, of the political parties are the same. They make promises that will get them elected and then do nothing to fulfill those promises. Maybe a revolution is in order.

Susan from Orillia,
I would like to see a government that will seriously address climate and environmental issues.

Mary from South Shore,
Respect for Parliament, the environment, the Supreme Court, scientists, and for ALL Canadians.

Howard from Halifax,
Sustainable Job Creation Programs that incentivize innovation and research.

Johanna from Toronto,
I would like to see the Conservethemselves out on their ear for a very long time, and I think the route to this would be a coalition between the Liberals and the NDP. If Elizabeth May could join them too, then the left united would be the incumbent for many moons to come! This is my National Dream!!

Pam from Nova Scotia,

Murray from Kitimat,
Top three: 1) Cancel Enbridge's Northern Gateway project...then replace environmental regulations. 2) Stop referring to murdered and missing First Nations women as a policing issue, and admit they are tragic echos from Canada's residential school system...then help undo the harm done. 3) Return Canada to it's humanitarian peace keeping roots.

Janet from Fredericton,
Proportional representation, a return to decency in Parliament, and real moves on combatting climate change! (Oh, and Marg Delahunty for Queen!)

Tara from Williamstown,
Abolish Senators!!! Pay forward delinquent child support and send the deadbeats the bill instead of abandoned single parents only getting payments rarely if ever. For the sake of the children and the health and sanity of the working poor struggling to raise families alone, for GOD SAKE!!!

Dale from Oxford Station,
Mr Harper moving.

Leslie from Ottawa,
The only way to get a government that stands for tolerance, one that is transparent, ethical and collaborative is to de-throne Herr Harper. I'm not afraid of terrorists and niqabs - I'm afraid of what another conservative majority government would do to our country.

Jennifer from Kitchener,
We NEED money poured into health care and education. There is only been cuts for a decade and we cannot innovate nor care properly for, the individuals in all areas of the age spectrum when we have zero dollars to work with and are burnt out. By the way - we cannot enjoy a healthy economy or work a good job if we don't have our HEALTH.

Bill from Stewiake,
First cent- a more democratic and representative voting system! Second cent - free market laws and tax reform that benefits the many and not the few!

Joan from Fredericton,
#NoEnergyEast Pipeline Address Climate Change Transition off Fossil fuels to Renewables We need Energy Democracy

Dawn from Perth,
Reinstate the opportunity for Canadians around the world to vote. Being an expat should not strip you of your right to vote.

Marion from Guelph,
I want the lakes and rivers protected again, the fear-mongering and racism to stop, an inquiry started into missing and murdered indigenous women, Bill C-51 repealed, the CBC protected, and a leader who gives a shit about what the people want.

Frank from Campbell River,
I would like to have all of the waters in Canada protected by law from environmental damage. I would like a Federal prosecution of the Mount Polley mine effluent spill. I would like real environmental assessments conducted for all pipeline routes. I would like to repeal Bill C-51. Actually I would like to see all of Harpers Omnibus legislation repealed.

Barb from Lethbridge,
Plans put in place for electoral reform/proportional representation with a new system in place for the next federal election.

Peter from Bathurst,
have the election include a swim suit competition followed by a "Battle Of The Blades" style competition that would include both solo, duet and team categories with the candidates having to compete in all catergores

Jamie from Toronto,
Inquiry into murdered and missing aboriginal women.

BJR from Waterloo,
gail vaz-oxlade in charge .... Solve our financial problems!

Farrah from Lethbridge,
I would like to see Canada returned to us. It's been hijacked for too long, and I don't like watching as institutions that a I valued are consistently devalued, undermined or abolished and feeling like the first time, that it is somehow wrong of forbidden to raise my voice in objection. I want to see a Canada that is strong and free of racism, that has a strong environmental and social foundation, with a healthy economy with meaningful jobs in diverse sectors. I want a government who informs and engages the public in big decisions - like the TPP. I want to know that my CBC will last. That we are not moving to a nation that is driven first and foremost by economic values, but one that considers the beautiful and diverse communities we have and supports and appreciates the Canadian spirit.

Arlene from Ottawa,
the tearing up of bill c-51, the arresting for treason of Stephen Harper

Janice from the west coast of Ontario,
ABC! give Mulcair a chance. wish we could vote a green majority but afraid this time not going to happen. but as I said ABC

Marie in Victoria,
I would LOVE to see Steven Harper arrested, charged, convicted and imprisoned up to and including the day he - dies - for TREASON against Canada and Canadians. I'd like to see ALL of his Con friends in prison with him, as well, until they day THEY all die!

Corinne in Calgary,
I'd like to see what happened to the Conservatives in Alberta also happen to the Federal Conservatives.

Leigh in Owen Sound,

Jeff from BC,
I would love to see Canada shift back to a nation of peace keepers who protect the world, not police it. I would love to see our government begin to turn around from the debacles such as C-51 and the TPP. Harper has given away our country and it is time we take it back and remind him who put him in power, and it wasn't his buddies in big oil.

Julia from Black Creek,
Funding restored to CBC and federal scientists allowed to speak about their research.

Nikki from Calgary,
It is with no pleasure that I witness a Canadian PM flouting the Supreme Court, trifling with citizenship and democratic (& electoral) process, disregarding racism, sexism and violence, dismissing the well-being of our first nations, plundering our environmental and resource legacy, and (frankly) embarrassing himself and us in the international community. I would like to see a Canada that at least strives to deliver on the promises of my education about our nationhood: that we are a cultural mosaic that respects diversity, builds on immigration, brings peace when it can to conflicts elsewhere, maintains human rights and due democratic process, and cherishes and protects its citizens' rights. That we are forward-thinking (and able to take a leadership position on things like green energy). That we are diverse yet equal under the law, no matter our gender, skin colour, religion, choice of attire, income, sexual orientation, or country of origin. I would like to stop waking up with the signal terrifying thought that the current Prime Minister of Canada is engaged in behaviour that has historically marked the emergence of dictatorship (from re-writing law, and extending the powers of state security, through to proposing grandiose monuments to ideologies of his own choosing, and enacting racist policies with a view to 'cleansing' civic society of 'barbarians'). After October 19, I would like Stephen Harper to be an embarrassing footnote in our history: over and done, in small print.

Mary in Black Creek,
more women in gov

Sue in Ottawa,
a minority NDP government in coalition with Liberals, and the Conservatives reduced to 3 seats. A resounding defeat of Harper!

Alan from Montreal,
Dear lord, please everyone, let's get our country back :(

Nancy from Ottawa,
an absence of Harper would bring me great joy. save our country from this dictator and do NOT bring back the Conservatives to government!

Cheryl from Saskatchewan,
fireworks after the SOB conservatives are packing their bags and shredding their documents!!

Dale from Saskatoon,
Anyone But Conservatives, Heave Steve. I wanna see Tom Mulcair show what he can do. Sure with Jack was here...

Simon from Dorval,
More protection for the environment and the species that inhabit it. They were here first....

Michael from Midland,
Any one other then Harper, as they been saying change is a commin' We Hopes!! :-)

Nancy from Windsor,
Auto strategy, TPP full review, climate change strategy.

Melanie from Vancouver Island,
That the TPP will NOT go through for my children and their children's sake!! Oh, and that Steve gets the heave ho

Donna from Cino,
a living wage for retired folks so we can afford to eat healthy and feed our grown children and grandchildren who, because they don't make a decent wage are still living at home and supported by their parents/grandparents who also can't afford precriptio plans better than we have (more doctors); dental plans for those unable to afford it, so thy're not sick from rotting teeth. let's look after the tax payers and working poor; forget about spending hundreds of thousands housing those who contribute nothing to the economy. Sorry, but my family and hundreds of other would like a 'free' home ( or affordable homes) to live in.

Parker from Edmonton,
Tuition reduction, protection of our parks, flora and fauna; revisit the free trade act (specifically the TN visa portion)

Steven from St. Thomas,
Just to keep it simple: rescind our part in the TPP, repeal C-51, along with anything Harper's done to the environment (directly or indirectly), bring in Proportional Representation before the following election.

Steve from Gander,
ABH - Anyone But Harper

Elwin from Fredericton,
I want to see the Canada I grew up in come back: where we welcomed immigrants and refugees, thought of ourselves as a cultural mosaic, didn't care whether refugees spoke without an accent, and were proud to call ourselves Canadian while travelling abroad!

Charlie from St. John’s,
As Steve backs out the door, I'd like to see him take the Senate with him.

Emily from Pictou County,
Some real talk about student debt! Canada needs to support student better so they aren't crippled with debt! Education shouldn't be a debt sentence.

Katherine from Mount Pearl,
A government who knows what they are doing and cares about ALL citizens and dwellers of this country!

Paula from Nova Scotia,
Bring back the science. Stop the fear mongering. Let more refugees in faster. Protect the environment.

John from Toronto,
Go Marg! I would like to see less fear-mongering. Canadian politics is mirroring the U.S. Republican party. The governments should work to bring Canadians together, not drive wedges between us.

Jim from Hayned,
I am not subject to depression but if H@#&er gets back in as PM I will be as close to it as I could possibly be. The incidence of new diagnosis of clinical depression will likely increase, my opinion. I am pretty sure that in my district the Con's don't have a chance and the Con running (Stapleton) won't come to my door so I can vent a bit. Anyway as someone posted a pic a while ago that captured my feelings.." I love my country but am ashamed of my government". That will be H@#&er's legacy. Thanks

Colleen from Zephyr,
I'd like to see the Scientists unmuzzled... the environment needs to be a priority or there will be nothing left for our grandchildren. Enough with the fear mongering... let's bring back the rights he took out of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and kill the TPP.

Yvonne from Ontario,
a responsive government that listens.

John from Grand Falls,
Harper ( Out,)

Andrew from Cambellford,
Thank you, Marg for throwing the sharp wit of your sword into this debate! Stevil must be in a really bad place, maybe what he really needs is a big hug!

Holly from Toronto,
reinstate harm reduction as part of the national drug strategy. Harper removed this imperative and gave more money to enforcement. His is a war on the poor, not a war on drugs. We must address the causes of drug use instead of locking up people who need health care.

anonymous from St. John’s,
Better policies. Less unemployment and better life for Canadians.

John from Saint John,
There are many truly important issues as Canada continues its slide to the right right along with the US. we live in a country that has a multi-Party political system with one Party strongly on the right and most of the others either centrist or marginally to the left. I think Proportional Representation is the most important issue in this electoral cycle as without it we will not have a Government that is representative of Canadians. The Conservatives know this, as do the rest, and the Conservatives want nothing to do with PR.

Jules from YYC,
Marg, warrior princess for Prime Minister!

Roy from Toronto,
Unchange the changes Harper has made to our country. Bring back the penny for a start; I'd happily pay two cents each for that symbolism alone.

Janis from Ontario,
I would like to see homelessness addressed, a national day care program, ABC, steven gone! too.

Mary from Stokes Bay,
I also do not like all the fear mongering! Trudeau quoted Roosevelt "We have nothing to fear but fear itself. Aside from a change of almost everything I would like to see the right to die movement succeed and medical marijuana accessible.

Marilyn from South Surrey,
I would like to see an end to our "first past the post" system and a change to proportional representation as the method by which our votes are calculated.

Rick from Alberta,
join the rest of the democracies in the world and allow Canadian expats to vote. All it means is respecting the Charter of Rights section 3 that gives all CITIZENS the right to vote. Respecting the Charter of Rights really isn't too much to ask is it? https://www.gofundme.com/ourrighttovote

Joanne from Nanaimo,
Politicians who are there to serve the people. Politicians who are civil in Parliament.

Pat from Elliot Lake,
More emphasis on the environment. Canada and the world cannot continue to turn a blind eye to what is happening to our world especially when you look at the poor way Canada has been watchful!

Juhan from Montreal,
we need more transparency and less lying

Tony from Toronto,
I would like to see Elizabeth May, Justin Trudeau and Thomas Mulcair standing 'side by each', wearing matching 'US vs HIM' t-shirts and declaring their unity to work together as an 'Amalgam for Change' and working as many dental metaphors as they can into a rousing speech and ending with a 'rinse and spit' to put the final nail in Harpers reign! One can dream........

Catherine from CBS,
Time Stephen Retired! Give us back OUR Canada!

Cory from St. John’s,
More transparency. More Accountability. More common Sense. Funding restored or at very least partially restored to those federal gov institutions that make our country a decent place to live. I could go on but I think I have stated enough for now. Good Luck Marg!

Gary from Saint John,
Marg, this is brilliant! Thank you. After October 19th I hope to see a new government in place that will restore the Canada we grew up in that we love.

Kathleen from Chance Harbour,
Bring back all the women's programs that lost all their funding under the conservative government!

Beth from St. John’s,
I would like our leadership to truly reflect the values of most Canadians - tolerance, compassion, a desire to help, to share our good fortune with others. I don't want to see more divisive politics designed to drive Canadians apart. I want to be proud to be a Canadian again. It's been a while since I could feel that way.

Evelyne from Ottawa,
I'd like to see a government with a vision that builds Canada for all Canadians and doesn't just want power for the sake of power.

Ina from Manitoba,
I want see a leader with a party who show their love of this magnificent country by embracing women's place in society through better daycare, equal pay, respect for Aboriginal people, a focus on clean energy to save our country for generations to come. I want to see a Prime Minister who can openly laugh, show humanity and care for the citizens of Canada.

Elsie from Stony Plain,
I would like to see a Liberal majority with the NDP as the opposition party. I would love to see the hate and fear mongering silenced.

Gerald from CBS,
Harper pulling a disappearing act, let's hope the stars and the gods align.

Nancy from Toronto,
I'd like to see Canada change back to the hopeful, kind, fearless, well-respected nation we once were. I want Canada to change back to the country I have always been so proud of. Boot Harper from office so we can take back our country.

Brigit from Victoria,
Trash the TPP and get our sovereignty back from international corporations!

Sharon from Ontario,
I would like to see the new government stop fighting the law suite launched by the people at COMER, When COMER wins this suite the government will be forced to return to using low/no interest loans from our Bank of Canada thereby saving Canadians untold billions in interest on debt money created out of thin air.

Evelyn from Toronto,
I want a leader who cares for ALL Canadians and works for their welfare (using our tax money of course)

Paul from Montreal,
The return of scientific thought, the CBC, free education, taxing the wealthy and runaway corporations. Bring back the gun registry! And more programs to employ youth and out of work seniors. More arts and music education in schools, and serious attention to health issues on aboriginal reserves. A commission to resolve missing and murdered aboriginal women. Real efforts to improve opportunities for work for immigrant women will do far more to improve everyone's life than telling them not to wear a niqab. Turning Canada's military into more of a peacekeeping force than a combat force.

Paul from Toronto,
10 year in the same job is too long. You've become predictable and we don't like your predictions for another 4 years (or whatever length of time you choose to call "4 years" the next time).

Penny from Scarborough,
No more Harper.

Barbara from Ontario,
I would like to see an end to the politics of race baiting, division, fear mongering. I would like to see a return to evidence based legislation. We need a government that seeks to increase the amount of information available to Canadians. The present government has stifled and diminished factual information.

Cindi from Cambridge,
Turf the Harper Conservatives to teach them that Canadians see his fearmongering for what it is, and that we the people are stronger and smarter than his diseased and condescending strategists understood.

Lindsay from Edmonton,
I want Canada to go back to being a nation of peace keepers. Les chapeau Bleu.

Piers from St. John’s,
Marg Delahunty for PM!

Danielle from Toronto,
Make the communication from the tax office easier to understand! And don't penalize hard working middle class canadians who are honestly trying to claim transit tax credits by repeatedly asking for the same information. Also - more funding for the CBC

Dorelle from Hammond,
Protection of Charter, protection of environment, protection of Canadian sovereignty, protection of vulnerable citizens, and refugees. NOT HARPER

Doreen from Oakville,
Electoral reform and proportional representation so we never again endure a secretive dictatorship by a government very few people chose.

Vicky from St. John’s,
We need to talk about the issue that most Canadians want to talk about and that is health care in this country, and not what's on Steven Harper's agenda.

Annie from Sherbrooke,
Harper does not represent me or my views. I want my Canada to be a leader in human rights and environmental protection, and be a government FOR the people, not the 1%.

Gemmell from London,
Get rid of the senate. Somehow figure out how to fire politicians when they're obviously lying/cheating/generally acting like asses -- waiting 4 years for an election is too long.

Ron from Belleville,
Time for complete honesty and openness; with a major push to help Canadians living in poverty and improper/dangerous conditions i.e. drinking water on reserves and improved healthcare.

Danielle from Calgary,
First and foremost a change in government! ANYONE but Harper! Second, I want to see Canada acting as a world leader is human rights inside and outside our amazing country: more Syrian refugees immediately, a missing and murdered women investigation, clean water and living conditions for ALL Canadians in every part of the country, a return to Canada as a peacekeeping nation, and an empowering leader who allows Canadians a voice and to be heard! Go get 'em Marg!

Colette from Sundre,
I would like to see democracy and sense return to this country. Heave Steve!!

Elaine from Kingston,
NO MORE HARPER! - and a government that represents and cares about all Canadians! Marg for PM!!! (We love you.)

Vivian from Comox,
A new leader who understand the distinctions of Canadians from coast to coast. A government that truly reflects the majority of citizens. Kind, caring, concerned for the environments we live in and we steward. An open, inclusive, fiscally astute government. One who is honest, clear, commuinactive, who stands by their words and makes policy driven from their heart knowingness. A government that leads us back into the natural state of peace keeping. A dynamic country our younger generations can Call their own.

Charles from Toronto,
I'd like to see politicians, found in contempt of parliament, to be physically banned from the house for one year. If they repeat this offence, they should be banned from running for office for life. We need a better hockey analogy in the house. Make'em serve their penalties. I'm sure Steve would love that. He even wrote a book on hockey!

Paul from Toronto,
Repeal C-51, and C-24 too for that matter

Michael from Ajax,
Harper and his minions out on his arse. Serious accountability. Cooperation between all parties.

Tonya from Conception Bay South,
Journalists allowed to ask (and to receive actual answers!) of politicians!

Pam from Edmonton,
A breath of fresh air and an opportunity to believe that my government will operate without fearmongering. Just give us the facts and no more lies and half-truths.482B

Rosemary from London,
Restore our democracy and freedoms by supporting a coalition gov w NDP, Liberals and Green and hold ALL Conservatives accountable for lies and corruption.

Sylvia from Ottawa,
I'd like to see more transparency and democracy.

Rod from St. John’s,
If I had to pick the 3 biggest changes I would like to see after Oct 19th, they would be: senate reform, affordable child care and decriminalization of marijuana. Let's make it happen.

Tom from Peterborough,
Stephen Harper and his minions burning in hell.

Gregory from Nova Scotia,
Like to see an increase to Seniors Benefits.

Pauline from Brampton,
I'd like, realistically, a minority government, not CONSERVATIVE, with several Green MPs, to act as a balance of power. I'd expect immediate action on sending a positive, energetic team to COP 21 in Paris, as well as an all-party voting commission to create a new Proportional Representation voting system. Good-bye, SH!!

Rick from Alberta,
No More Harper!!!!!

Amy from Chase,
I would like to see cheaper daycare, the retirement age lowered to 65, continued income splitting for seniors. Better communication with the provinces regarding healthcare and most of all CLEAN DRINKING water for EVERY Canadian regardless of where they live!!!

Matthew from Surrey,
More transparency and honesty.

Jo from Vancouver,
I'd like our country to return to being a Great Canada. I'm not afraid to help others. I'm not afraid of spending money on healthcare for all. I'm not afraid to open the doors to immigrants. I'd like to be proud to be Canaduan again!

Marilyn from Saskatchewan,
Transparent, humane government and no more omnibus bills

Loretta from Corner Brook,
To see a fresh face at 24 Sussex! Hair that actually blows in the wind!

Catherine from Warsaw,
I want Tom Mulcair to be the next Prime Minister leading our country with a majority government.

Connie from Nanaimo,
Proportional representation, meaningful action on the Truth and Reconciliation recommendations, and a solid plan to mitigate climate change!

Mike from Ottawa,
Deport Stephen Harper to Israel. I don't think any other country would take him.

Linda from Bathurst,
What change would I like to see in Ottawa? How about NO MORE OMNIBUS BILLS that sneak in really important changes that affect Canadians under the guise of a federal budget. Without parliamentary debate.... Folks, here is our chance to stop Harper! Vote Vote Vote ABC - Anyone But Conservatives on October 19th!!!

Chris from Ottawa,
Wholesale changes at the PMO.

Gail from Stewiake,
Someone who has integrity, like you Marg!!!!

Landon in North Vancouver,
Divest in oil and gas, and invest in solar and wind (among other things) our economy can't be placed in one down hill rolling barrel.

Gayle from North Bay,
Maybe suggest to the Conservatives that if the TPP was going to be so wonderful with creating jobs, they wouldn't have to promise to set aside billions (6 so far) to help the people in two industries who will likely lose theirs.

Barb from Winnipeg,
Civility and a return to useful committee work

Val from Whitby,
Give me back my Canada. The peacekeeping, respectful Canada I grew up in. I miss it so much, it makes me weep.

Shane from Vancouver,
After defeating the the Conservatives, I would love it if the ruling party would change the government from a single party in power, to a coalition government, to properly represent the democratic will of the people, with the most transparency. No more secret cabal meetings behind closed doors plotting the doom of Canada and Canadians. Thanks Marg! You Rock! Marg should run for PM!

Jennifer from Doha,
As a Canadian who has lived overseas for five years, I want my right to cast a vote in federal elections returned.

Marlene from Vancouver,
Respect for people, that means women, education, health, the environment -- all those values that don't get counted into the "economy" bullshit.

Naomi in Regina,
To pick one, I'd like to see a national Pharmacare program.

Nicole in Vancouver,
Having a government that doesn't hate Canada or Canadians would be pretty neat.

Deirdre from Nova Scotia,
Proportional representation and a return to REAL democracy.

Cheryl from Dartmouth,
make sure CBC is not canned; protection of our water systems; true support/funding for our military in all aspects; and so much more!

Janne from Ottawa,
Stop the fear-mongering and secret deals. Some transparency and listening to what voters actually want would be refreshing. Education, the Arts, Health-care, Voters' Rights….etc.

Brad from St. John’s,
I would like to see all cuts made by the Harper Government to the CBC reversed.

Cory from Oshawa,
Tell the Liberals and/or NDP to stop promising things that I can't support (like federal child-care) so that I wouldn't feel like I will have to vote conservative for the first time EVER.

Ashley from Ottawa,
I would love to see the Greens run the show. Elizabeth May - now THERE is a leader. Either way, the TPP must fall and citizens NOT corporations must have their needs met, which above all means PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT. We can have no economy with ecology in peril. Love and light Marg, you glorious warrior goddess xo

Deborah in Portugal,
Canadian citizen Non-residents should be permitted to vote. Period.

Grant from Waterloo,
I'd lie to see an open compassionate, government committed to saving the environment, helping the poor, the aboriginal people, the middle class. And also to restore Parliament its due power, Scientists their voice, the long form census and sanity to government, without secrecy.

Rob from Peterborough,
All MP's should wear clown suits …….

Tom from Kelligrews,
At least a minority government with the conservatives in opposition. I hate hate hate hate Harper.

Kennedy from Nova Scotia,
no more harper or clapping seals in charge

Paul from Victoria,
Marg needs to be the Governor General! Maybe appointed to the Senate!

Sandra from St. John’s,
I want democracy to replace the corporate oligarchy that has ruled since the mid-1980s.

Mary Ann from Whistler,
transparency, accountability and a return to canadian values of peacekeeping, not policing.

Claire from Wakefield,
Anybody but Harper. I've seen him up close. He's pure evil!

Cindy from Borden,
OMG, where to start...everything needs to be changed. It needs to be easier for first time home buyers to get a mortgage! I have been paying twice as much rent as a mortgage would be and have never not paid my rent in 35 years and because I am low income I am unable to get a mortgage. Money I could be putting towards a proper quality of life goes to my landlord.

Hebe from Ottawa,
A change to our constitution to prevent future omnibus bills, the repeal of virtually all Harper's done, e.g., re-hire the scientists and let them tell us what they've found out, protect our waterways again, increase corporate taxes…

David from St. John’s,
There are so many horrifying acts the Harper government has perpetrated that I barely know what to say - muzzling scientists, needless prorogations of parliament, erosion of our charter rights, labeling environmentalists as terrorists, promoting divisive policies to secure the votes of core conservatives, the so-called Fair Elections Act, dismantling the CBC, elections fraud... Yeah, that last one might be the most horrifying and dangerous. The Conservative Party of Canada has been found guilty of election fraud. For real. The Supreme Court ruled as much. Now, Elections Canada seems to be fraught with internal errors, and they're misdirecting voters and telling inelegible persons that they are registered to vote and, somehow, that's good enough for them. This is approaching absolute madness! And, the Commissioner of Elections Canada refuses to investigate the involvement of Lynton Crosby, the Australian hired by the CPC to manage their election campaign, when Section 331 of the Canada Elections Act is pretty clear that foreign interference "in any way" is prohibited and illegal. Certainly, Crosby's involvement merits an investigation, at the very least. The Commissioner refuses to acknowledge his duty to begin one. All of these things seem worthy of suspicion and further investigation. If we do not do so, then the legitimacy of democratic authority and rule may be tainted beyond repair. This is not the Canada I remember, nor is it one in which I can feel proud to be a Canadian. We must work together to change that! http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/election-voting-ineligible-1.3259216 http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/E-2.01/page-90.html#h-106

Michelle from Calgary,
That the conservatives get a good long rest! That blue is a colour seldom seen in parliament. A true investigation into the missing and murdered aboriginal women. A government who believes that aboriginal lives are worth giving a damn about!

Kim from St. John’s,
I would like to see more jobs and platforms for young adults, I have many a friend including myself who are drowning in student debt and cannot find work after university because of NO EXPERIENCE, tell me how do you get experience without learning ? I would like our new leader to somehow help with that, can't pay debt without a job!

Gillian from Montreal,
Do not sign the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Kerri in Vancouver,
Transparency in government!

Jenny from Havelock,
I would love to see racism removed from parliamentary offices.

Wendy from BC,
Remove the Conservatives from office!

Neal from London,
elimination of first past the post elections, so people like Stazi Steve don't run the country on a third of the mandate, and people reconnect with the electoral process since their votes are not just wasted.

Leila from Surrey,
No more Stephen Harper so that Canada can go back to being the democratic country it was.

David from Oakville,
An Orange Crush on the desk of the next Prime Minister of Canada #TM4PM

Marilee from Quebec,
Stop the fear mongering. Focus on what matters: sustainable agriculture, local business and services, compassion for the world's citizens, lowered meat consumption.

Kathleen from Oakville,
Reduction of tuition fees and student loan interest rates. Increased responsibility for Syrian and other refugees and their settlement in our country, and increased support for social programs.

Joanne from London,
Anything but Steve and his bandits. Someone who has the best interests of our precious resources, our freedoms and rights to health care. Who will not 'sell us down the river' and stand up for the people and generations of immigrants and people who have forged and made this country what it was. Regain our status and peace keeping abilities. A party that will keep us 'Strong and free’.

James from Edmonton,
No More Harper

Kevin in Jersey City,
I would like to see a change in absentee balloting to allow expatriate citizens to vote. Also a long retirement for Mr. Harper.

Fallon from Calgary,
I'd like to see emphasis on education - on all levels. Education helps to create stronger, healthier, more united communities. I'd also like to see Canada return to some of its original values - peace keeping, equality, common sense, etc!

Donna from Wolfeville,
I would like to see more tax relief and aid for our students. Nova Scotia needs to follow the example put forth in Newfoundland. Canadians need our kids to stay and work in Nova Scotia.

Mary from Vancouver,
Ease up on the Syrian refugees. My brother's church is sponsoring a young woman and 2 little girls. They've been told it could take a year. How stupid!

Brian from Ottawa,
Two words for my two cents. Justin Trudeau!

Ross from Vancouver,
I'd like to see funds to the arts and music programs reinstated. I'd also like to see more funding to keep the CBC alive and running. It's part of our heritage and culture.

Marie-Paula from Sicamous,
no more omnibus bills!! bring back the democratic process! a PM who will collaborate rather than dictate and so on, and so on, and so on....

Amid from Mississauga,
Living in fear.

Elizabeth from Quebec,
let's try a JUST in. and a Tom in opposition.

John from Newfoundland,
A more transparent and open government that is willing to dialogue and accept critique. A government that does not muzzle scientists. A government that does not use irrational fear as a basis for reelection.

Fred from Burnaby,
Zero Conservative Party (formerly known as Reform/Alliance Party of Canada) members. This would show politicians in Canada not to try to subject us to these ruthless and destructive political tactics again!

Linda from Oshawa,
I would like to see some job security and families be able to enjoy time with their children, not spend every hour trying to make a living. We need good full time jobs with benefits, not part time jobs!

Eileen from Tofino,
Tom Mulcair as PM; Stevil defeated in his own riding.

Monica from Guelph,
I would like to see the restoration of democracy , the elimination of the PMO as the centre of the universe and, for the love of god and all things holy, provide women with the respect they deserve.

Les from St. Catherine’s,
Job #1 TRANSPARENCY in all things Government. Job #2 National pharmacare, dental care. Too many people living on the edge. Job #3 Get the hell out of Syria we are not making any difference there except to spend a fortune.

Walter from London,
ABC - Anybody But Conservatives. A senate reduced to zero members, thus alleviating the need to amend the Constitution but eliminating the salaries, printing of debates, etc. - that would be a good start. Better funding for the CBC, the NFB, and the arts in general. Thanks for doing this Marg. Love ya!!!

Lori from Vancouver,
Democratic elections and government, respect for scientists and their unmuzzling, Kill Bill - C51 and C24, protection for lakes, rivers, mountains, forests and oceans, true government job creation, tax the rich and stop off-shore tax havens, …

Ron from Mississauga,
I want to see respect for democratic process, and eventually a system that cannot be abused by the PMO.

Bet from Batemen,
I would like to see the environment, native rights, veterans, health care and HONESTY become top priorities without Cons in power.

M from Vancouver,
1) change in government with 2) jobs/economy

Jayne from Edmonton,
Well, like you, I cannot wait to be rid of the Conservative Party, and Stevil as well. It was so refreshing here in Alberta to leave the hefty cloak of Conservative mismanagement and lies; and I wish that same good fortune to all Canadians. What I would like first is to get rid of that stupid supplemental benefit tied to children, rolled out recently. How on earth can anyone think it makes sense to give handouts to the upper class for childcare, when they an easily afford their fancy nannies. And when some stupid conservative came petitioning at my door (never a good idea) and wanted to justify it because it's a taxable benefit, he was doomed. Like you, I say what I wish (though lack you fierce costume), and like you, am usually right. My argument to that fool was that forensically it makes no sense to roll out a program to help parents raise kids, without some wage limit criteria (they have it for daycare subsidy, CTB and other things). This way, they send out to all households (administrative expense), only to claw it back at tax season (administrative expense). Stupid Stevie. Yeah Marg. Keep up the good work.

Rudy from Courtice,
Definitely we need a change in Prime Minister. Stephen Harper is a bully and a dictator. I would love to see the next party in power regularly reach out to the people in Canada and ask for their opinion on crucial topics. With the new technology in our world could we not have a new model of democracy where citizens get to vote on crucial items of concern in our country? I believe this new model would reinvigorate interest in the governance of Canada and allow Canadians to feel that they truly have a meaningful voice in the direction and operations of this great country. Presently we get a say once every four years and must live with a virtual dictatorship between these votes, especially with a majority government. Probably as a direct result of the Harper dictatorship people want to have some control over major decisions in Canada. I believe this sentiment is also evident in many countries all over the world. People of the information age are demanding to have a greater part to play in the governance of their countries. A new model of government is needed!

River from Victoria,
EI more accessible. Increase taxes to pay for health and social programs. Dump the anti-drug strategy (frankly, it's embarrassing) A national child care strategy.

Paul from Ottawa,
Anyone but Harper. If, following investigations by Amnesty Internationa, you criticize human rights abuses in the occupied territories Harper brands you an anti-semite. Meanwhile he attacks the right of law-abiding citizens to the niqab in the name of Canadian values. This upside down, dangerous thinking has to go.

Annette from Mayne Island,
Elizabeth May as my MP and my PM!!!

Ed from Guelph,
I would like to see almost everything Harper has done, undone. But mostly I want Bill C-51 repealed.

Pam from Sidney,
Regular meetings of Prime Minister and Premiers, Action on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report within 100 days of election, restoration of funding for the CBC to pre-2001 levels.

Jean from Point Claire,
A government that reflects the values of Canadians - tolerance and respect for all. No more fear mongering and no more attack ads!

Tim from Whitby,
Anyone but Harper. Someone more concerned with our missing first nations girls.

Klaus from Kitchener,
Stay with the devil you know vs the one you do not. The man boy JT and TM with the borrowed smile would be absolutely unprepared for the geopolitical instability that looms on the horizon. This country needs international experience regardless of PC party missteps.

Brooke from London,
I want Canada's water protection bills reinstated and a commitment to the environment for our future generations.

Catherine from Orangeville,
I would like to see politicians who understand that our natural resources are our greatest assets and should never be sold to anyone. Ah well a girl can dream eh!

Doug from St. John’s,
I would like to see democracy brought back into our system ... it would be good to feel that our representatives could represent us, and NOT toady to a leader who keeps them more or less mute ... the way our current prime minister does.

Ann from Nelson,
I would like to feel that the Federal Gov't is LISTENING to the little people and not just ot big business.

Cynthia in Blaine,
I'd like to see anything but Steven Harper. They say better the devil you know than the one you don't but I'm ready to take my chances with any other party just to see if they can do a better job than the conservatives.

Marilyn from Aylesford,
I would like to see more support for the seniors that struggle every day because some of them live below the poverty line. Some can't afford the necessities including affording a dentist or health care.

Lesley from Halifax,
I'd like to see Harper and his posse of bandits placed in prison without a fair trial. They *are* the damn terrorists. Bill C-51. See ya.

Daria from North Vancouver,
I would like to see a government which will take care of ALL its people, not only the ones who can still be milked for profit. I would like it even more if that government decided protecting the environment and stopping the global climate catastrophe was a priority.

Tim from Hamilton,
NDP Majority

Warren from Tofino,
Steve Heaved!

Jessie from Shallop Cove,
Marg for Prime Ministeress

Miroslav from Tillsonburg,
Peoples government! And not secret scary Harper's party government.

Susan from Ottawa,
Make Canada deserving of respect for its treatment of the environment, scientists and its citizens.

W from Ontario,
Harper out! More conversation and collaboration using everyone's ideas, whatever will improve Canadians lives. Not just Harper deciding what is right for him and his ego.

Joanne from Ottawa,
legalize marijuana, tax the bejeesus out of it and apply the taxes to funding post secondary education. Free education will get young people out of debt and will allow them to start consuming, which pays taxes, and which employs people.

Marilyn from Ottawa,
Openness! No more secrecy and dictatorships!

Randolph from Taylor,
An NDP minority government with a Green Party Official Opposition. Either that or bring back the guillotine for corrupt Harpocrites (Is there any other kind?)

Brenda from Morin Heights,
I'd like to see a more open government, with more weight given to the opinions of MPs and less power in the PMO. I'd like to see less emphasis on the manner of dress of prospective Canadian citizens and much more emphasis on the climate, job creation, and the needs of our less fortunate citizens and new Canadians: affordable child care, reasonably priced housing, secure employment with a living wage, so much more. With the current government, we're going to hell in a handbasket. Enough of Harper and his incompetent team of talking point spouters! It's time for a change!

Geo from Manitoba,
You know those two Harper n Oliver thumbs up that we saw after the budget. I would pass an Under Da Bus Law that would have em stuffed up somewhere else.

Gerard in Dartmouth,
I would like to see a national hug and dance day, where every culture in parliment and throughout Canada can take the time to help bond and grow strong in the Canadian spirit. Your doing a wonderful service Mary for your country. Love your humour and kindness. God bless.

Robb from Ottawa,
A change in government

Joel from Toronto,
Not a conservative government.

Gill from Mississauga,
Let's roast Steve on a stick - Save the puppies!! Oh, and vote for Marg for Prime Minister!

Peter from Toronto,
Proportional representation in the next election and after. clean air and water and a good education for all.

Brana from Mission,
I need to see Ottawa make post secondary education free. So many of our issues can be solved or lessened with education. It should be available to everyone who wants to go, without crippling debt or bankrupcy. It will benefit all of us.

Greg from Toronto,
First and foremost: Tom Mulcair as PM!!!

Cathy in Revelstoke,
I will most definitely be voting for change. Stephen Harper has to go. In my riding will likely be voting NDP. I am tempted to vote green but I don't know much about the candidate in our area. I do love Elizabeth May- she is probably our best hope for saving this planet. I have two weeks to make up my mind.

Peter from Nova Scotia,
More government. Less politics.

Kathy from Campbell River,
I have two wishes for October 20 and beyond. That Harper NOT be the leader of our country ever, ever, ever, and that election reform be brought in so we never have to vote strategically again.

Daniel from New Westminster,
Have the PM and the MPs actually take and answer questions from the media. (Remember, they used to do that in Ottawa before Harper arrived). Restore funding to the arts and to science and research and allow people to immigrate into this country not based necessarily on their assets and wealth.

Duane from Markland,
A change of government!!It's time!!

Bernice from Victoria,
Yes and then what did they do. They locked all the doors on the Canada Revenue buildings ran inside and wont let us in!

Michelle in Malta,
I'm currently living in Europe, but I am a Canadian Citizen. I've been keeping a close eye on the political situation in Canada the past year, and I have already cast my vote by mail in ballot in the upcoming federal election. This my be my last chance to vote in a Canadian election, as I have already been living overseas for three years, and the current law in Canada does not allow a citizen living abroad to vote if they have been out of the country for more than five years. I would like to see Canada regain its international standing as one of the good guys...the peace keepers, the example of good diplomacy, freedom, equality and tolerance. We used to be an example of good governance to the rest of the world. Now when I tell people I'm Canadian I often get asked what happened to us. We aren't the good guys anymore. I would also like to see the law that denies a Canadian citizen the right to vote when out of the country for more than five years changed. I may live abroad, but I am Canadian through and through, and I should have the right to have a say in my countries future.

Avery from Oshawa,
Either NDP or Liberal party voted in. A Harperless government - Conservatives voted out. I want enhanced Health care, the OAS brought back down to age 65 for us future seniors, TPP details exposed, decriminalization or legalization of Marijauna. I want the Long Census form returned and Bill 51 repealed. An open government which helps all Canadian, not just the wealthy. I want the Scientists to be able to speak freely like they used to do and not be muzzled by government. Yes, I want an NDP or Liberal government in even as a minority and then the NDP and Liberals can work together for a better Canada.

Chenoa from Vancouver,
Repeal Bill C36 and Bill C51 and give Harper's pension fund to the Veterans. Or withdraw funds from overseas wars and fund the veterans. Change the electoral system to stop vote splitting catastrophes!

David from CBS,
Marg for Prime Minister…….

Anna from Victoria,
I would like to see a leader that isn't cool, calm and collected while dismissing issues that have an enormously negative impact on people's lives; climate change, military violence, seniors living in poverty, human rights violations, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirited peoples, and so on. I would also like to see more diversity in the house because I'm tired of watching the same old boys club ruin this country.

Leslie in Victoria,
I'd like to see two things: elimination of stigma and hatred against those who are different, and, an economic system that is based on providing basic needs for the people in Canada before spending a cent on extravagances and without spending any money on military. Two much to ask?

Wisdom would dictate that we move away from corporate supported governments and focus on real democracy, social justice and sustainable development

Marilyn from Duperow,
Save the CBC, Freedom for Scientists, Save the Environment, support our Veterans, protect Health Care, support the arts, No more Lies, No more Fear mongering, No more American style politics. I could go on for pages and pages, Love you Marg!!

Mary from Welland,
Reduce salaries and expense accounts of government officials - yes, all of them.

Barbara from Toronto,
only change that matters is to get Harper OUT

Charlene from Pictou County,
I would like to see the secrets and corruption all "outed" on that day. Honestly, I'd rather have a Leprechaun leading the country than Harper.

Marla and Tyler in Edmonton,
Thanks to our voter reg cards being messed up, we've already voted!!!! Auf Wiedersehen Herr Harper!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sean from London,
A spirit or cooperation and tolerance and genuine efforts at understanding. What we used to call being Canadian.

Alan and Elke in Calgary,
A different prime minister who cherishes an open and free Canada where people can dress as the please.

Tony from Burlington,
S. Harper gone

Cory from Antigonish,
Put Uncle Rick in charge of his plan to bring large amounts of Syrian Refugees to Canada -Purge NDHQ. Completely overhaul the broken aspects of the Canadian Forces specifically having to do with employment issues (advocacy, rights, support for those injured), education, mental health and equipment procurement -Create a single Federal schooling organization for northern Canada so that northern communities in the provinces aren't going to their individual governments to be easily ignored when things aren't up to scratch -Scientists can publish their data -Better Senators. There are amazing people who do amazing work right now representing Canada and they could get more attention if they had the platform. Hell, if people voted for senators on Facebook it would work better than the current system. #RickMercerForGG -I'd actually like to see the corporate tax rate set at 17 instead of 15, use the increase for business friendly infrastructure developments. Dare I say, a rail system that doesn't suck?

Allen from Edmonton,
Lower prices of commodities by reducing red tape.

M from Halifax,
a government that acts to counter climate change; that acts to update and bring truly universal health care to Canadians; that improves living conditions for our First Nations; that embraces and supports scientific research; and that does not behave like an Orwellian Big Brother

Lesley from North America,
Economy doomed without protection of the environment.

Alex from Richmond,
I would like to see a return to the peacekeeping, inclusive Canada that we knew before the latest crop of corporatists took power. That would be nice, eh?

Sheldon from Stratford,
I live with mostly seniors in a mixed assisted living building. Many are over 90 and I say if they could feed their family on $1 give them the budget to balance and to cut the fat!!!!!

Julie from Pointe-Claire,
Let's try to assume the best in people rather than the worst! Same with animals. Let's assume that not all moose are out to get us. Save the moose!

Tina from Hastings,
No more Harper, revoke bill c51, get back to peace keeping and stop bombing, a more transparent government, a national pharma care program and a more positive forward looking government.

Jeremy from Newcastle,
Repeal Bill C-51, re-Protect our 2.5 million lakes and Rivers, Back out of the TPP, Bill C-377, Inquiry into our missing native woman, Develop an auto strategy, ensure fully funded public healthcare, reopen veterans offices, I could go on and on Marg.

Emily from Ontario,
Mr. Harper gone as Prime Minister Meantime I would like him to tell us what he plans for Public Healthcare and Canada Pension Plan.

Rachel from Georgina,
That the words, "woman," "first nations," and "immigrant," will no longer sound like swear words. That my beloved country is once again a peace maker, that we find commonality not differences in our those who live here. That science is no longer shunned, that the boys on parliament hill are stopped in their belief that they know what's best for women.,,oh, the list goes on…

Robert from New Westminster,
I'd like to see Nenshi strapping some duct tape over Jason Kenny's big mouth.

Tara from BC,
I would like to see the conservatives out of power and more meaningful effort spent on the environment.


Monique from Ontario,
justin to save the day!!

Kim from Caledon,
Liberal majority

Sherry from Mission,
Prison reform. Not this lock them up stuff. Which does nothing for community safety!

Debbie from Ottawa,
this makes a lot of cents to me!

Krista from Peterborough,
Trudeau, May, Mulclair???? I don't care. Just NOT HARPER!!!! Also, I would like to see voters think strategically so vote splitting doesn't create yet another "Harper Government". Thanks for getting the message out! It's Canadians like you who will make the difference!

Allan from Ottawa,
Marg....quite simply....you ROCK. My two cents…After Oct 19th I want to see the Canadian Govt put democracy and science back into environmental assessments and environmental protection. In 2012, the government rewrote three acts; the Environmental Assessment, Navigable Waters and Fisheries Acts. The changes limited scientific and public consideration of natural resource projects. Specifically, about 6000 federal environmental assessments were dropped, and public participation was limited to those with a “direct” interest. Bullshit. Let’s be clear and sensible, the environment and the economy cannot be separated. They are two sides of the same coin. Both democracy and science are essential components for guidance on the environmental protection required for a sustainable economy. Clearly Harper has no interest in making sure you and I have the right to participate. The beef witted lewdster, that mammering hasteywit needs to be chucked out on his ear. All the best Marg Allan

Debbie from Collingwood,
I would like to see an end to the fear mongering and hidden agendas of this Conservative government. Please listen to what we are telling our leaders.

Margi in Saskatoon,
Most importantly, I would like to see integrity returned to the Government of Canada. By this I mean I want a Prime Minister who does not lie, cheat, and pit Canadians against each other. More specifically, I want the oil to stay in the ground, the treaties to be honoured, more women in positions of political power, and an end to both second-class citizenship and the TPP. I want Canada to be a nation of peace-keepers, not war mongers. I want a leader I can trust. Thanks Marg!

Kat from Nova Scotia,
I'd like the political parties done away with and only Independent MPs running in elections.

Eileen from Kamloops,
Anything is better than what we have now!!!!!

M from Toronto,
Electoral reform! We need to get rid of first-past-the-post.

Ken from Stirling,
National Health Care. paid education for our students spend more on poverty, less on the military stop companies moving across the border or even further. stop sending out our resources. time to look after ALL our citizens and the list goes on on on and on. VOTE ONE AND ALL STOP STEVEN HARPER 'NOW’

Mike from St. John’s,
Glad that Stevil called the election so early because it allowed some time for other groups to mobilize and get some momentum growing. How come the TPP ... TP jokes haven't started yet... think of the toilet paper double entendre that have just opened themselves up…

Carol from Foxboro,
I want to see more dollars put towards health and long term care. I want to see our scientists unmuzzled and our environmental protections restored, particularly our waterways.

Lisa from Victoria,
Support for alternative energy/transportation solutions . Support for the homeless. Support for persons suffering from mental health issues. Support for student debt, A renewal of 'what it means to be Canadian,' that is a reigniting of our compassion, energy, and love for one another and this country.

Mandy from Tay Creek,
Bring David Suzuki to parliament hill to give an environmental tutorial for the new MP's ~ A form of "Myth Busters" for the climate deniers. Perhaps it could be a game show format. The winner could be promised a seat in the senate... The losers could drink water bottled on a First Nation - oops, remind them to boil it first.

Chris from Edmonton,
More funding for Mental Health in Canada

Monique from Goodrich,
TRUTH. About the war on the middle-class being waged by the collusion between our government and the top 1%. The TPP must be stopped.

Brenda from Montreal,
Marg for PM!!! Oh please, pretty pretty please.... xoxo

Mary-Jane from Ottawa,
A prime minister who listens to Canadians including scientists!!

Dylan from Toronto,
Subsidize tuition for Canadian university students! Education shouldn't be determined by your social status in society.

Karen from Guelph,
Let' get some fresh young ideas

B from Calgary,
Change out the conservatives! Thank you Mary for having the courage, energy, passion and common sense to get out there and spread the word!!!

Gilda from Toronto,
A different bum in the prime minister's seat

Marie from Kingston,
Canada regaining a respected reputation.

Kate from Ottawa,
A big move OUT of 24 Sussex

Lizi from Toronto,
Women wearing niqab at the inauguration of the NEW PM

Mary from Black Duck Brook,
ABC - Way to go Marg!

Linda from Alberta,
MPs represent their constituents and vote in the House accordingly.



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